Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vidock's Big Day!

Vidock: The Big V here, with stories rom my big day on Friday. First, here I am, arriving on the site. As you can see, my mane is already braided:

But Uncle E still had to braid my tail:

My first presentation was in hand, with the other stallions there. A very nice gentleman called Mr. L presented me because Uncle E had hurt his back and couldn't run with me:

Then, Uncle E presented me on the long reins:

There was a big parade to commemorate the 100 years of the start of World War I and I was ridden by Uncle E at the head of the parade:

Uncle E was dressed as a French army colonel and I had a period saddle with all the equipment that was carried at the time:

I was very proud, and Uncle E was very proud of me:

And so was #1!

I was then presented again in hand and on the long reins. And people came to see me. Look at this special snuggle!

At the very end of the day, Uncle E rode me again in the final parade:

It was such a wonderful day for everyone, and I was a very, very good boy all day.

Now, may I ask you to cross some paws and send some special neighs, woofs and purrs for my bro, Tommy? He is limping pretty badly, and we are all worried. #1 will speak with Dr. C tomorrow.


  1. What an awesome day for you, Vidock! I am sending lots of purrs to Tommy!

  2. Sure looks like a purrfect day , Vidock !
    Send lot's of (((purrs))) to Tommy !


  3. You looked magnificent and we can see how much you enjoyed yourself.We will keep Tommy in our prayers and pray that he has not hurt his paw too much as he loves to run and play.

  4. What a pawsome day for you Vidock ! You looked gorgeous, and we're glad you were a good boy all the day ! We send purrs for Tommy and hope he gets better soon ! Purrs

  5. Vidock, you look wonderful. I know #1is really proud of you! Love the special snuggle photo with a little girl. You are such a gentleman horse :-)

    We are sending purrs and prayers for Tommy.

  6. Vidock, you must be so proud that you did so well ! You looked fabulous :)

    We are sending BIG purrs to Tommy!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. I was so excited to see these photos on FB yesterday! I'd been waiting for your big day.

    Monty and Harlow

  8. We're praying for Tommy. We love him very much.
    Good show, Vidock! Not only are you very handsome but you have a sweet personality too. We are very proud of you, dear.

  9. How exciting! We're glad you did so well!

    We're sending lots of healing purrs to Tommy.

  10. Big V you looked fantastic! Congrats on such a great day. We have our paws crossed tight for Tommy. It's probably just a sprain from playing too hard with your visitors.

  11. We are so very proud of you too and you looked so fantastic!!! We are all sending our best purrs and prayers to dear Tommy and we hope he feels better really soon.

  12. What a great day you had Vidock. I am sending purrs for Tommy.

  13. You looked and was magnificent and no wonder everyone was proud. I am sending loving thoughts for Tommy and hope it can be sorted easily

  14. How very elegant and regal AND handsome you look, Vidock. Mom is really struck on the beautiful braiding that was done on you. And the colors are so nice too.

    Poor Tommy - we are crossing all our paws for him to be OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Vidock, the photo of the little girl kissing you brought tears to Mommy's eyes. You did SPLENDIDLY! (Mommy says you have a handsome rump!)

    Tommy, we'll start a purr brigade for you...whatever did you do to yourself?

  16. Oh no! Poor Tommy! I hope he's okay. Vidock you did marvelous!

  17. Vidock you had to be the hit of the show. Purrs for Tommy.

  18. Vidock, I am truly proud of you. You looked so handsome and sis #1 proud. Love your tail too.

    Tommy darling, I am reading backward so I know what happened. Much love and swift healing to you.


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