Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tommy Thursday

Tom: This morning, #1 and I are mounting an expedition to see Dr.C. Little Genji needs his annual shots. She is always careful to give him a dose of Metacam before the actual vaccines as he didn't react too well to the vaccines first time around. So, paws crossed he will do fine. We are also taking in our friend Ms. L's Burmese, Coco. She is an older lady who has some issues with her kidneys so she needs a follow-up blood test, and Ms. L is travelling. I am going along for the ride and to provide moral support.

I have this fun photo to share with you. I know my woofie friends will appreciate how important it is to always keep your favourite balls at paw!

The grass is getting to be really tall in the fields. We're thinking that farmers might start on hay-making soon.

Yesterday afternoon, we went over to Fernant's to play ball. His owners were out and he was inside so we liberated him so he could romp with me for a bit. He was one happy boy!

Life is fun, friends!

PS: We have returned from Dr. C's and everything went well for everyone.


  1. Paws crossed that everything goes well at the vet!

  2. We're glad everything went fine at the vets and we are happy to see Fernant and Tommy together enjoying the outside.

  3. Ok we have our feets crossed
    Lily & Edward

  4. Good to hear all went well :)
    Tommy, you and Fernant have lots of fun :) That's neat!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Tommy you are such a good job - going along to the v-e-t for moral support (glad everyone got a good report) and then giving Fernant some play time :)

  6. Whew, glad the V-E-T visit went well! You surely have a good life, Tommy!

  7. You are such a sweet one Tommy and I sure am glad the Vet visit went okay!

  8. Glad to hear the vet visits went well.

  9. Glad the VET visit went well. Our farmers are doing their first cutting of hay in the past week or so.

  10. We are glad all went well at the vet's and Tommy, you are a star for offering such amazing support for everyone.

  11. You look very happy in the long grass Tommy. I am glad all went well at the vets.

  12. We thank God all went well at the vets. We were afraid to look as we know dear Genji had a previous problem. Glad to hear Coco did well
    also. We love senior cats.
    Tommy, you are such a darling boy to accompany the kitties to the vet . We wish you could go along with us! Mom and Gran would be happy to have your sweet presence too!

  13. Glad that efurrything went well at the Vet´s !
    I know me is a cat . but me too sleeps with my toy´s now and then :)


  14. How wonderful that yous went for moral support! Mes likes it when Bob comes to the vet with mes. And me is positive that if yous came to liberate mes in the middle of the day, mes would romp like a kitten!

  15. Glad all went well at the vet and you had a fun day Tom!


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