Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thankful Thursday

Tom: Woofs Everyone! We are thankful this week as, having taken off our Christmas collars, #1 is now allowing us to sport our wonderful Christmas gifts from our friends from Cat Tales.

Let's start with me, shall we? It's hard to get a proper close-up of my collar when I am wearing it, so here  is what my new name tag and charms look like on it:

The Chans are all wearing their new collars, so let's have a little tour. First off is Queen Tama:

Sweet Sei-Chan:

Handsome Mancat-About-the-House Beebs:

Beebs got an extra bell added on, so that #1 knows exactly where he is!

And, last but not least, Blue Shining prince Genji!

Thanks again, Amigos and San!

Here is something else we are grateful for:

#1 bought that kitty condo back in the 1990s, when she was living in Tokyo. It went from Tokyo to Chicago, and then came to France. It has been through the paws of a bunch of us kitties, and look how amazing it looks!

Here is a picture taken back in 2006 of TOWCB, Ikkyu, enjoying bird TV at the study window!

We are also thankful that we have avoided both the deep-freeze and terrible flooding suffered by so many. We are crossing all paws and hooves that the weather will be more clement for everyone very soon.

PS: Meee-Aow, Everyone! Da Genj here! I just wanted to let you know that what I was playing with yesterday is not a nip banana! It is a kind of kickaroo, with kitty ears and whiskers, that #1 brought back from Japan a few years ago. Here is a close-up:


  1. Cool collars! I too am thankful for our pleasant weather here in Los Angeles. I really hope that things start clearing up for everyone else soon!

  2. We are thankful that you liked the charms and we were so excited to see the collars and charms on you as well. We amply adore the cat condo esp since you actually can sit on it as well. It looks very comfortable.

  3. You all are looking PAWSOME for the new year!!


  4. Oh you ALL look spiffy and well dressed for the New Year. Beautiful or handsome as the case may be and a treat to the eye. It's always fun to have new "jewelry" and you all look fabulous in it. xxooxox

  5. love the new collars....and laughed at the bell on the Beebs!! :) and we are VERY impressed that your condo is still in such good shape

  6. Those new collars are so nice and you sure look right fancy!

  7. Beautiful collars ! We don't wear any collar because Mum is afraid that we choke or that we find ourselves with a stuck paw. Purrs

  8. Et puis d'abord pourquoi les bananes elles n'auraient pas des moustaches et des oreilles !
    Le collier de Tommy il est vraiment trop beau. Ceux des chans aussi. Moi je n'ai plus de collier. Je les perdais trop.
    Nat à Chat elle dit qu'il faut être sure que les "charms" ne soient pas dans une matière qui puisse donner des allergies de contact. Elle est un peu obsédée par les allergies en ce moment. Je me demande bien pourquoi :
    Ronrons pour tout le monde.

  9. You all are looking very smart in your lovely new collars.
    We had a dry day at last but the rain is due to come back on Sunday.

  10. You all always look so nice in your collars and these are no exception. We don't get to wear collars very much because we are always getting them caught on the fence outside, that darn no-sibe fence. Now if only we could get Mom to take that down. . .

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Such purrty collarz!! Ya all look so guud n da charmz area all so purrty too!
    Ikkyu waz so beeuteefull...
    Much lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  12. What gorgeous collars! Yous is very! And wes has a cat tree furry similar to that! Ours is not from Japan but it is ancient too!
    Kisses to yous all

  13. Nope, now that we see the whole kickeroo, we see that is is not a nip nanner. But enjoy it any way.

  14. Woo Hoo , you all look mighty fine in your new collars !
    That kittucondo sure most be made of really high quality that have last for so many years !



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