Sunday, 19 January 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: We have had an inordinately ordinary week this week! #1 has been here all week. She has even been home every evening with us (guess who's into the "Game of Thrones" DVD set…?). The weather has been vastly changeable as others have explained before me. But we have had the one major requirement for snuggles: presence!

Here I am with my Tommy to start you off:

And again. This happens, by the way, several times a day with all of us except Genji. #1 knows who is having the snuggle at any particular moment from the purring. Genji prefers to snuggle with Tommy elsewhere in the house.

Right now, my Beebs is going through a major snuggly phase with both #1 and Tommy. It's a good job they both enjoy it!

Just look at him!

Genji of course just has to be different!

or not…

Tommy enjoying morning snuggles with #1:

Sei-Chan and #1 enjoying another special moment:

On the V front, we managed to get shots of both Vs. Here is #1 with The Big V, Vidock:

And with sweet Violette!

Wishing you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. We really must say this again - you at PCentral must be champion snugglers ! If there was an Olympic event for snuggling, you would win paws dawn!

  2. With #1 around all week, there were a LOT more opportunities for togetherness!

  3. HAPPY snuggle Sunday to you all !


  4. Hi everyone, looks like some very fine snuggling going on at your house. Could you please get your Mom to send me and email since she won those duckies on the auction. Ours is

    Thanks so much and have a great day.

  5. With Violette, there's a lot to snuggle!

  6. Y'all are sure to have a wonderful snuggly Sunday!

  7. M'sieur Bibi tu as vraiment l'air d'être en manque d'affection en ce moment. Jamais assez. C'est l'hiver qui fait ça ? D'un autre côté il n'y a pas de saison pour les calins

    Un Genji chat d'épaule. Ca me rappelle quelqu'un ! Quelqu'un de bleu ....

    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  8. It looks like a nice snuggle on Sunday.

  9. there is some great snuggling goin' on there! Happy Snuggle Sunday!

  10. You are all great snugglers, and with #1 home you have had lots of them.

  11. Yes we had all sort of snuggles with mum this weekend as well.

  12. Your SoS posts ALWAYS make us feel so warm inside! Wonderful. And Vidock has curly bangs...MOL!

  13. Wow, you had quite the snuggly week!

  14. Nothing better than Aby snuggles! Viddock is changing color so quickly I think he may be all white by year's end. So handsome. Had some horse time this weekend, so good for my soul. There was a horse there that was over 17 hands! Percheron height but about the half the breadth!

  15. Gosh! Look at all those wonderful snuggles!


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