Monday, 6 January 2014

Manly Monday

Da Beebs; Well, it's windy and rainy but it is not at all cold. In fact, the temp is supposed to go up to 12C (53F) today. Very unlike what so many of our North American friends are dealing with.

Here I am being hugely manly on the sofa:

And helping #1 with her breakfast:

Da Genj: I guess that second is a lot better than last, so I am calling it progress! Here I am, having a little conversation with our Kiwi bird which arrived from Rumbles and Co after we won it in an auction:

Other than that, I confess I am quite exhausted by all the recent festivities, and am ready to put my Santa hat away for another year:

Vidock:  Don't I look manly and romantic in the woods like this?

…and paying attention to my teacher during lessons?

Tom: We were going to include this photo in yesterday's SoS post but forgot. Don't you wish you had a manly springer to bring you cuddles and your slipper in the morning?

And accompany you on wonderful walks?

Oh, and we do have a special guest on today's Manly Monday post! This is our cousin PIXEL, with one of his five young masters!

Pixel lives in Germany, but he comes to France often with his family!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Hey Beebs, we love that manly snooze ;)
    We love all the manliness here today especially Pixel! What a nice house panther.
    We are having rain today also with temps getting up to 9C !
    Won't last as tomorrow will be -9C :/
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ
    and Angel Tillie

  2. Pixel looks like a big boy! And quite handsome!

  3. Pixel is very handsome. Is drinking from the cup better Beebs?

  4. What a great manly post. We think carrying the slippers is a great idea, but our mom wants to know how much slobber is in the shoe? That pixel should be more like a whole picture. He is too big to just be a pixel.

  5. I think I see your tonsils. What a roar

  6. that Pixel is a pretty handsome house panther and we love the name

    that is a very manly Monday you have going on there. mom says it is so cold here that her goosebumps have goosebumps (we are sleeping under the covers)

  7. That Pixel is so handsome and what fun that he gets to visit his French friends. All the pictures are great. Good for Vidock to go into the woods. Take care.

  8. Bibi tu es aussi mal élevé que moi.... mais c'est tellement bon de se servir dans les récipients de nos zumains. Moi j'attaque surtout les pots de yaourts.
    Genji c'est pas grave de ne pas être le premier. Il faut laisser la première place à ceux qui croient que c'est important ! Il est très beau ton rugissement bâillement. Ca a même fait bailler Nat à Chat.
    Vidock comme ça, de face, avec son professeur sur le dos il est ... immense !
    Plein de ronrons.

  9. That looks like a purrfect way to start the week! Hey, send us some warm please!

  10. We wish we had your temperatures! Way too cold here!

  11. Mommy wants a Tommy!!! And Pixel looks like he has a few too many toes...or are they thumbs?

  12. Pixel is absolutely gorgeous! What a handsome cat! House panther suits him perfectly.
    Five boys in the house? Bless him!

  13. Oh! All of that manliness makes me fainty! Especially those pictures of yous Beebs!

  14. Yow Beebz n Vidcok ya are so manlee n handsum.
    We bin in deep fureeze n snowy blizzerdz fer iz da ferst day wifout snow!! We even saw Sunsshine butt it still fridgid outside.
    Wishin ya a lubly nite...we iz furinallee able to post commintz here...not shure what waz goin on butt me n Mum iz glad we can bee in touch again.
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xo


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