Friday, 17 January 2014

Friends and Family on Friday!

Tom: We have been having very strange weather over the past few days in that it has changed about 25 times a day. So, when we step outside, the only guarantee is that it will be muddy. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, #1 and I went out and there were Fernant and his mistress, and so the humans decided we should have some fun together.

Having fun with Fernant consists of trying to stop him from stealing my ball...

With occasional pauses to get our breath back:

You should have seen the state we were in by the end of it!                  

Vidock: Studly neighs everyone. Are you all well? It is so slippy around here that I am seriously thinking of asking #1 to order me a set of skis…

Anyway, take a look at these photos:

That's my sister (full sister - we have the same sire and dam) Altesse, who is a year younger than I am, and our Mum, Jessy. Mum Jessy is being rather naughty and playing with a lead rope, something I frequently get told off for doing! I guess she must have taught me when I was a little foal…Tee Hee.  #1 visited them yesterday because my teacher, Mr. JJR, wanted to meet my family. Isn't that cool?

And here I am yesterday, with Violette in the background:

Tama-Chan: I think most of you know already that that Bibi-Boy is my son. Look at us when he was a baby!

Nowadays, it's pretty unusual for us to hang together, and we've used this picture before, but it's the best we've got of recent vintage:

What you may be less aware of is that My Beebs and Sei-Chan are half-brother/sister as they have the same father! Those two  actually do hang together more often:

Genji: I may not be related to anyone here but I consider everyone to be my friend, starting with the beautiful Queen Tama!

Violette: it always takes a little time to make friends when one comes to a new pasture but I have recently started to make friends with one of the Arabian mares. No photos yet of us together. But of course, nowadays, I can also enjoy watching my heart-throb buddy, The Big V, working every day!

Last but not least, we thought we would do a bit of FUN FRIDAY. Someone brought our attention to a very unfortunate sign hanging over the shop of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in a town called Bury…

Oh Dear…


  1. That sign...! Wasn't anyone thinking when it got made up?

  2. Oh no on the sign!

    We are enjoying to getting to know you and seeing all your great photos!

  3. Loved the photo's again today. The sign made me smile and didn't surprise me at all as it was in Bury lol.

  4. Mum laughed at that sign - she says thanks for making her smile as she's had a bad morning and is feeling frustrated!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Hmmm. That sign will need to be changed to , "Helping Animals in Bury"! Giggle.

    We could send some snow shoes for the mud...they might be more effective than skis! :p

    Have a good weekend one and all :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. love seeing all of you. Vidock - we didn't realize your momma was a blonde.

    and that store sign, mom laughed, but would think the sign company would have called someone to be sure (or does "Bury" not have the same meaning in England that is does in the US?)

  7. What fun with your friend. Love the sign

  8. I'd love to see some photos of your trainer getting on Vidock - my sister uses a ladder to get on her Clydes.

    Monty and Harlow

  9. You all look ready for a mighty fine weekend! Someone should have re-thought the Bury Animals sign MOL!

  10. L'enseigne m'a fait sourire. On se demande vraiment à quoi ils (ou elles ) ont pensé...plutôt mauvais gout !
    J'espère que Violette se fera rapidement des amies. C'est tellement important pour les chevaux les liens sociaux. Dans le club où j'étais ma jument avec une super amie. Ca m'a déchiré le coeur quand elles ont été séparées.
    Genji tu fais "famille à part", mais c'est pas grave. L'important c'est d'avoir des amis, c'est parfois mieux que la famille.
    Bon week end
    Nat à Chat

  11. Oh dear, someone wasn't thinking when they made that sign.
    Vidock, you have a lovely mother and sister.

  12. How nice that you all have furiends to play or hang out with!

    Oh no! That sign...has it been changed yet??

  13. That sign was too funny. You all have such great friends and of course family is the best.

  14. Vidock, #1, mom and I LAUGHED at that unfortunate sign and I am amazed that the Townspeople have not alerted them that it may be better to change the wording but I had to laugh.

    Altesse! I haven't seen you in quite a while. Jesse, have we met, my dear? What a wonderful studly son you have--- and Violette..oh you are looking SO good. You will have friends among the other girls in no time. Who could resist you? Mama Tama and Bibi..adorable. Mom is smiling. The faces on Beebs and Sei-Chan are peerless. Just beautiful. are one in a million. EVERYONE loves you.

  15. That sign is TOO funny!!!

    Our park across the street always has playing dogs and we think of you all the time, Tommy!

  16. Holy CAT! That SIGN! (MOL) Is it pronounced the same way? The town's name?

  17. Wow! Look at all those siblings and half siblings and step siblings and just furrends! Bob wants to knows if Tommy has to has a bath every time he comes in too. She's been getting so furry Muddy with the weather wes been having and that means a bath!
    And THAT is one funny sign!

  18. OMC !
    *laughing my whiskers off* over that sign !
    Maybe not the most appropriate thing to do , but I can´t help my self :)



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