Friday, 31 January 2014

Favourite Frootbat Friday!

Da Beebs: #1 tells me that there was a time when the CB was awash with Frootbat Friday posts, but fashions come and go and lately there have been many less. We thought it would be fun to do another FF post and go back through our photos to find some amazing favourite 'Bats for you!

I am of course rather well-known for my own Frootbats, so here is my selection:


I was five months old in the first one and a few months short of my third birthday in the second.

Let's move on to Mama Tama:


Six weeks old in that first shot, and about 18 months old in the second.

Next is Sei-Chan:

Three months old in the first shot and three years old in the second

Last but not least of the kitty crowd is Genji:


Those were taken at three months and two years.

Now, our horsey friends have pretty cool 'Bats too, so they get a turn. Let's start with Violette:

At four months and just short of her fourth birthday!

Now for the Big V, Vidock:

Taken at one year old and three years old.

Now our Tommy, needless to say, does not have frootbats, but he does have exceptional flying ears, so here are two of our faves:

At 10 months old and four years old.

We hope you have enjoyed these, some of our favourite Frootbat photos!


  1. You were very good frootbatters! We enjoyed every one of the pictures. We always enjoy watching Tommy's flying ears and wonder if he would actually fly someday.

  2. What wonderful frootbats!!
    We really like the flying frootbats of Tommy ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. My human always says that I never grew into my ears...

  4. We love the first picture of Tommy's flying ears as well as all the frootbats. Of course the Chans must be the overall winners although Tommy has to be the winner of the most bedraggled ears!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Love seeing the horses as youngsters!

  6. You have the cutest, bestest bats at your house ever! {{sigh}} I wish there were some here . . .

  7. we love seeing frootbats!!! and those baby bats were adorable!! (and kinda big - glad you grew into them)

  8. My, how you've all grown! It's always fascinating to see how things change as they get older (and wiser). And Tommy's ears are incredible! :)

  9. Bibi tu es tellement beau sur la deuxième photo, et toi Genji sur ta deuxième .... que même pas on voit les autres.
    La photo de Bibi est ... magnifique !
    Et puis d'abord qu'est ce qu'elles ont nos jolies oreilles d'Abys. Elles sont jolies, un point c'est tout. C'est les autres chats qui ont des oreilles trop petites !


  10. I loved all the fruit bats and loved seeing the difference the years make. x

  11. Excellent frootbats!

    Each of you have grown beautifully into your frootbats.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  12. Oh yea, we enjoyed every one of those impressive frootbats!

  13. Exceptional Froot Bats!
    And wes loves Tommy's flying ears!
    And mes has never seen a horse with froot bats!

  14. OH OH OH! What magnificent frootbats all! LOVE them. And by the way, Mama Tama at 6 weeks old and that gentle poofy tummy rounded mom just fainted!

  15. OMC! Those are some of the best frootbats we've ever seen. We really like Violette's and Vidock's frootbats.

  16. What pawesome frootbats! And Beebs - that second photo of you looks terribly FIERCE. You're a mancat of the Jungle for sure in that one!

  17. Fantastic Frootbats! I think you are right and more bloggers should do it! I think I will search mom's picks and join in next friday!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. What beautiful frootbats! We are in awe of baby Genji's bats. Quite extraordinary and oh so delightful, like a little king with a crown. And no one, anywhere, can top Tommy's flyers.

  19. WE LUBZ yer Froot Batz..Genji'z are da bestest!!
    Tommy'z flyin earz are so floppy n free...MOL..
    Froot Batz rock!
    Lub Nylalbue
    (me nott haz such bunderfull earz)

  20. My Catness that is something how the times change. When we furst started blogging there were Frootbats a plenty now nary a one
    Thanks fur yours

  21. Awwww I love Vidock and Violette's baby pictures!


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