Monday, 2 September 2013

Manly Monday

Tom: It is still sunny and lovely here and we are all continuing to look after #1 (although she says she does not include me opening up my abscess wound up again yesterday in the "helping" category...). Various friends have been taking me out for longer runs but #1 has positioned two chairs strategically, one in the front of the house and one at the back. She hobbles to the chair with Chuck-it equipment in hand and we can still play ball (by the way, she says to tell you that she continues to feel better).

Life is good:

Pretty good, in fact!

Enjoying a little post-exercise shade:

Genji: Do I need to emphasise again that there is nothing manlier than snuggling with your #1 when she is not feeing 100%?

#1 did do a rather good photo shoot of me the other day...

Vidock: #1 hasn't come to see me in a few days and I miss her! In the interim, here are some archive shots from the last couple of weeks:

Wondering what's inside...

What? Me? I wasn't doing anything!

Wishing hard that she will come back soon:

Bibi-Chan: As everyone knows, just looking at me makes #1 feel better...

Guess what? #1 got a belated birthday present of  purple half-chaps and purple gloves for riding Violette. They are so cool I had to check them out!

And I also have been checking out this nice basket that the gypsy guy down the hill gave #1:

Wishing you all a great week! We are anxiously awaiting the results of #1's ultra-sound today and crossing our paws that it will show only minimal damage.


  1. Tommy, you always brighten my day! And I'm sure #1's day as well. Happy day, everybuddy!

  2. Oh Tommy you didn't!!! You have to leave your wound alone. I am glad that #1 is feeling better every day and hope the ultrasound scan shows no major damage.

  3. Here's hoping that #1's ultrasound results are not too bad and she will start to feel better soon. We think all your lovely faces will help her keep cheerful.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. PLEASE let us know what #1's ultrasound said. We are all very worried.

  5. Tommy you better watch out so not the dreaded cone of shame will be put on you again !!

  6. There is nothing manlier than snuggling with your human whether they are feeling well or not. We love the close up of Genji's sweet face.

    Millie & Walter

  7. Please keep us posted on the ultrasound! Paws crossed that there is nothing that can't be healed by a bit of rest and some purrs!

  8. I like because you've got lots of animals, you're so lucky:) I hope in future i can have lots of them!

  9. Hisia : Tu es un gentil chat cousin Genji. Tu prends bien soin de ta #1. C'est très important ça.
    Ton frère Bibi est comme toujours très ... majestueux.
    Nat à Chat : Moi j'adore Vidock la concierge....
    J'espère que la cuisse ne va pas trop mal.

  10. Tommy you must leave it be or it wont heal. I loved all todays pictures and Tommy you do look so happy. Keep on looking after #1 all of you.. Hugs GJ x

  11. Glad to hear that #1 is doing a little better. Hope she heals really fast. Take care.

  12. Tommy! You naughty boy! You leave your owie ALONE!

    We all have crossed paws that #1 hasn't done herself any lasting harm and that the ultrasound looks good.

  13. Hoping for a good report. Tell #1 to keep resting that leg. And Tommy, no chewing on that area.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. All our feets are crossed for #1
    Benny & Lily

  15. You all keep taking good care of #1 and we purr that she gets some good results!

  16. We are sending more healing purrs to #1, so she can get out and visit with the V's and play with Tommy.

  17. Genji's closeip us simply exquisite! That beautiful face and those lovely lilac toes together in one photo! Squeeeee!
    Your #1 remains in our prayers.
    We know what ever the ultrasound shows that #1 will fight her way back to the saddle. She loves you two too much to do anything else.


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