Sunday, 28 July 2013

Some Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: First of all, believe it or not, we had a mini tornado go through here early Saturday morning! That kind of thing is basically unheard of around here but for about one and a half hours, there were howling winds and torrential rains that caused considerable devastation around us. Somehow, we were mostly spared, aside from some "pruning" of our trees, and we are really grateful for that.

Well, we are a bit short of new snuggle shots today, so we will once again feed you some archive shots. But, to start off, we do have a couple of new ones of Tommy and My Beebs for you:

You might say, "like mother, like son" when you see this next picture of me and Tommy...

And here I am , back in 2009, again with my Tommy:

Sei-Chan with Tommy, also in 2009, when she was a tiny little thing:

And Genji shortly after his arrival, looking very snuggleable!

Baby Vidock (on the left) being snuggled by one of his brothers:

Violette sharing a snuggle with #1 not long after she joined The Poupounette Gang:

Last but not least, this just in from Canada. As you know, #1 has been looking after our pals Murphy and Leo. Here at Poupounette Central, the bed is reserved for us kitties, and Tommy sleeps on a plush bed right by #1's bed. Things are a little different in Canada, however...

We are not showing these photos to Tommy so he doesn't get any ideas. He is quite a bit larger than either Murphy or Leo, and there wouldn't be any kitty room if he got on the bed!


  1. Oh what delightful Snuggle Sunday pictures. Mom and I are smiling all over! And yes, I would not want Tommy to see those're kitties would be out of room before you even got started! xxoo

  2. Just look at all that snuggling going on. What fun to see Vidock as a baby. Great pictures. Have a great day.

  3. glad you are all safe and sound from the mini tornado. Lots of strange weather events nowadays.
    Love, love the photo of Genji, too cute!

  4. You're really the masters of snuggling !

  5. Great snuggle pictures for today - we were surprised to hear of your mini tornado.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. that is a heck of a lot of snuggling. Tommy looks like an expert.

    Tornado? How scary.....glad you are all safe

  7. Wow, that mini-tornado sounds scary! I'm glad you guys are all okay.

  8. So, where is #1 sleeping--hee hee??

    Thank goodness you are all safe; we know about wind. We had 70 MPH gusts last week and it peeled up the metal roofing on some structures.

  9. That looks like the best place to snuggle in a storm. I like that small horsie!

  10. Yikes, a tornado! That sounds scary :o
    We love all the snuggle pics too :)
    We agree that with two woofies and a person on the bed things would be crowded! We won't tell Tommy ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  11. So glad the tornado didn't do too much damage at your home! I hope all are safe in your area!

    The snuggle photos are awesome!!! Enjoy more now but save some big ones for #1 for Wednesday when she arrives home!!! How exciting!

    Lily, WA, USA

  12. Wow, we can't imagine that was Vidock was once that small! MOL.

  13. The more snuggling, the better, we always say.

  14. What is going on with our weather!!! A thorough check of the roof when #1 returns would definitely be in order.
    Violette and Vidock deserve lots of extra love and cuddles after what must have been a harrowing experience for them.
    Poor Tommy! If he knew that his most beloved #1 let not only one but two pups up onto the bed it would break his heart.

  15. Very lovely fotos, best regard from Belgium

  16. My cat chartreux was a fun of my younger golden, and sleep also with it,wonderfull fotos

  17. Dad heard on the news today that a little tornado had been around our neck of the woods too.
    I didn´t see or hear it and neither did mom and dad.
    Pawsome snuggle pictures you are showing us today !


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