Saturday, 20 July 2013

Nova-Scotia Tidings!

#1 here. As Sei-Chan (or rather "Thei-Chan") so rightly predicted, there is a bit of a blog hijack going on as I am in Nova Scotia, visiting Percheron breeders here.

I left Prince Edward Island yesterday morning via the Confederation Bridge:

This marvel of engineering is the longest bridge to cross icy waters in the world. It is 12.9km (that's 8 miles) long and links the Island to New Brunswick. Construction took four years and cost over C$1 billion.

I was heading for the Annapolis Valley, a beautiful part of Nova Scotia with a rich history and some of the best breeders of Percherons in the Maritimes. My first stop was at Cambridge Percherons, owned by David Logie who also happens to be President of the Canadian Percheron Association. I won't bore you with a lot of horse talk but here are a couple of photos.

Please meet King's Audry, who travelled to Nova Scotia from the American Midwest in February:

And this handsome guy is called King. He and Audry have the same sire (father), a famous stallion called Pleasant View King

I am visiting two more breeders today so the possibility of more photos is high. And then, on Sunday, I am getting together with a couple of mystery blogging friends! Can you guess who they might be?

I shall leave you with some photos fresh in from Poupounette Central of some window whiffies by...



And Da Beebs (safely inside the mosquito netting!):

PS: You all know how traumatic it is when Da Beebs gets out on one of his Houbibi jaunts. Well, imagine what happened with our dear Aby friend Isis (she was our Sen-Chan's very special girl) who got out and stayed out for almost two weeks! Yesterday, she finally came home and you can imagine the relief of her mum, Jacquie. Welcome home, Isis!
Isis doesn't blog anymore but she can be found on FaceBook at Lovelynx Abyssinians.


  1. Good to hear from you, and it is great to have a truly international blog. We all hope everything is going well and you are getting your fill of handsome horsies and keeping us going with news from home.

  2. Happy horsing around! I'm glad you're driving across that bridge. They give me the heebie jeebies.

    Have a funtabulous time!

  3. What a gorgeous horse but PURRLEASE don't tell the two V's I said that! And Isis...that is a frightening thing to get out and to be gone so long. Thank heavens she is back. xo

  4. How fun! I'd love to be able to tour horse farms!


  5. glad Isis returned home safe and sound. Sorry but I don't think that I would be driving over that bridge!

  6. Mum says she would be scared going over that bridge although not as scared as if she was going under in a tunnel! We're glad Isis went home and hope she isn't going to take a leaf out of Hou Bibi's book!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. How exciting for your mom to meet some of the human bloggers!

  8. Cool, ingenious and necessary Bridge!
    We love Nova Scotia...or LP does :)
    Have fun with the beautiful horses and blogging friends.Who could they be?!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. What a fascinating bridge. We used to watch a TV series called Emily of New Moon ( loosly based on the book of the same name) which was filmed on PEI and showed it's amazing beauty. One of the episodes was about the idea of building a bridge to the mainland. Amazing.
    Thank God Isis returned. The alternative is too horrible to imagine.
    Have fun, #1. Love to all animals.

  10. Tu es tout beau Genji. Tama et toi vous semblez fascinés par le dehors.
    C'est terrible cette histoire avec Isis. Deux semaines de disparition. Rien qu'à l'idée de ne pas voir mes humains, Loustiquette et ma maison, pendant si longtemps .. j'en ai les poils qui se hérissent. Heureusement qu'elle a réapparue chez elle.
    Nat à Chat elle trouve les deux chevaux magnifiques. Tout en trouvant qu'ils seraient encore plus beaux avec de jolis crins !
    Des ronrons.

  11. Oh, more horses! Mommy is in love. We think we know who you're going to see, #1!

  12. How cool that we got to see some of the Percherons you are visiting! I follow the other bloggers' blogs regularly, so I already know who you are getting together with!

  13. Well, we think Percherons are worth the hijacking. ANd we can hardly wait to hear which bloggers you hook up with!

    Holy CAT, two weeks? Our humans would be catatonic with worry. So glad she's back safe.

  14. So glad you trip is going well! Love the photos!
    And two weeks of a cat being missing... oh my! I read the Facebook account and am so very glad she is home safe! I am glad, too, that the Beebs came home in what was a few, but very long, hours!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. Thanks for letting #1 hijack your blog and share photos from her trip. The horses are beautiful, and an 8 mile long bridge is amazing! You kitties at Poupounette Central have some pretty great views from your windows. We will dream of your lovely countryside while we stare out our window overlooking our neighbor's driveway. We are so relieved Isis made it home safely.

  16. How we wish #1 would khome khloser -

    She REALLY needs to visit PAWSylvania -

    Khyra and Khousin Harley

  17. Those horses look so, so big, but beautiful!

    So glad Isis came home, two weeks is way too long to be out and about!!

  18. how wonderful to get to meet with all those pawsome animals...and the Percherons! magnificent. Mom and Dad will go next year to that part of Canada as they have never been before


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