Saturday, 1 June 2013

Somewhat Sunnier SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Dear Friends, there is something really strange going on here. Our friend Puna-Chan and his Perheeni, up in Northern Finland, have been getting 28C whist we have been getting 14C!!! This is totally upside down and just plain wrong! Not, of course, that we mind them getting the warm weather, but what about us?

Anyway, it would seem that things are beginning to look up for us at last, and the forecast for between now and next Wednesday is for sunshine, although nobody is daring to speak of 20C. They are stopping at 19... We are all  ready to indulge in some serious sunbathing!

I am helping The Beebs keep an eye on the weather:

As we wait for this improvement in the weather, I have been spending some time in the comfy bed under the skylight:

Close-up Alert!

#1 says I look like a Zen Master in this one:

But even Zen Masters need a clean machine!

Don't you think?

Wishing you all a Sunny SEIturday!


  1. You do look like a zen master in that one! Xxx

  2. You are the most adorable zen masters I've ever seen.

  3. You DO look like a Zen Master! What a gorgeous one you are, too. xox

  4. The Calm State is flowing Me-Ommmmmm.

  5. Thank you for sending a Sunny SEIturday our way Sei-Chan. It is nice in the sun (behind glass) but not too warm outside with a cold wind
    blowing. Our weather too is coming from the north east and we haven't heard the magic number of 20 either!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. it takes a lot of Zen to work out the weather! These are most excellent pictures.
    It is indeed VERY hot for us, especially in Finland (North) and we have just had some refreshing rain after 26°C here today. We would very happily send you some of our heat.

  7. We are getting to hot too fast here! They are saying it will reach 107F today, or 42C!


  8. C'est gentil de souhaiter du beau temps pour tout le monde beau matou...
    J'espère qu'il a fait beau dans le Perche.
    Ici il a faillit y avoir du soleil toute la journée... mais faut pas rêver. On devrait aller s'installer à Moscou ou en Finlande !
    Bon week end.

  9. Great shots, Sei-Chan. We especially love when the sun is shining on your furs.

    We finally have a beautiful day here, been ages since we have had sun without humidity, no rain, and just a gentle breeze. Here's hoping for lots more.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. You kitties are having some crazy weather over there! Here's hoping for some good sun puddles coming your way.

  11. We are waiting for nicer weather too. Isn't it horrible when you don't get it? You do look very Zen there in that one photo...

  12. We think all those photos are terrific.And clean is always good. Hope your good weather comes soon for ya.

  13. Yes, Zen Master, something has been amiss in your weather! Although a friend of mine from the US was just in Paris for her 50th Birthday last Monday and climbed the Eiffel Tower in beautiful sunshine and a nice temperture! It was where she wanted to be to celebrate her special day! It was wonderful she said! So... I really hope you get your sunshine back for the summer soon! Enjoy!
    Lily, WA, USA

  14. Yay, I am glad you are having some sunnier weather finally!

  15. oh you doooooooo look like a Zen Master! Stunning!

  16. We sure hope you get the weather you are hoping for. We have been scorching hot here the past few days.

    Millie & Walter

  17. Sei Chan you iz da cutest little Zen kitteh me haz ever seen!!!
    We had su weird weahte rhere waz so hot yesterday!! Wif da Humidex it felt like 98 deegreez n we cuud hardly breathe! We were out on da patio in da mornin but had to come in at lunch time fer da rest of da day....just fink three weekz ago we still had snow here??!! What da KAT?? Hopin yer weahter settlez down fer ya all.
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum xo

  18. We had a pretty sunny Caturday.

  19. I think the Zen Master is wishing he was in PAWSylvania!

    PeeEssWoo: We like your temps!

  20. We know an alert was given but......squeeeee! That precious little face! We're overcome by your sweetness, dear Sei.
    We'll send you our heat; we topped out at 43C. The day before, we heard that England had coldest spring in 50 years. Oh master, we ask what you: what is happening with the world's weather?

  21. You do look like a very sweet Zen master. We have been having good weather at last and it is forecast to last all week. The temperature hasn't got above 16 though.

  22. Oh TOTALLY zen. Indeed! And impeccably clean too!

  23. Love the Zen Master shot :D

  24. ZEN Master! YES! That is PURRFECT!!!


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