Friday, 21 June 2013

Frootbat and Floppy Ears Friday

Da Beebs: It's Friday already and next Thursday, #1 is abandoning us for almost 5 weeks. It's a wonder we don't all already have droopy ears from prospective sadness. Still, we must be strong and prepare ourselves to give a good time to the nice lady from New Zealand who is coming to look after us. So here are a few Frootbats for you:

Me first, supervising #1's desk:

Mama Tama doing SleepyBats!

Sei-Chan doing SternBats!

And Genji presenting SideBats!

Now it's pretty much impossible to do flying ears whilst wearing a cone of shame, so this week, we will have "Floppy Ears" instead, taken on one of the rare no-cone moments:

By the way, Tommy managed to get one of the scabs off his wound, even whilst wearing the cone, so now he is wearing both the cone and a T-Shirt!


  1. As usual we enjoyed all the Frootbat pics especially Stern-bat from Sei-Chan. We hope Tommy isn't too uncomfortable with both the tshirt and cone.

  2. Tommy you are a silly boy - you'll get all hot in your cone and a t-shirt. Great froot bats for Friday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. oh no poor Tommy! He sure is one ingenious dog!
    #1 is leaving for FIVE weeks??? Ohhhhhhhh noooooooo!!

  4. Sternbats. hehehe.

    Tommy, you are not cooperating very much, are you, honey pie?

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  5. Poor Tommy! Maybe the wound is itchy? Mommy says that would drive her bonkers...not being able to scratch.

    We are purring it heals up, and Sei-Chan, Maui says you are SO cute when you're stern.

  6. Pauvre Tommy ! Je compatis pour lui. J'était tellement triste lorsque Hisia est restée 2 semaines dans sa chaussette avec la stérilisation. J'espère que ça va finir très vite.

    La tête que tu fais Genji.... presque je ne te reconnais pas.

  7. #1 is going away for five weeks?! That is FOREVER in kitty years! Paws crossed that Tommy is well on his way to healing by then... dude, if you keep picking at that sore, it'll never heal!

  8. nice bats all around. but 5 WEEKS??? sheesh.... And while Tommy was bad, you have to give him credit for managing to get around that cone....

  9. 5 Weeks! You have very Brave Frootbats! I wish you all a good time while she is gone and a wonderful time to #1, too!
    And Tommy, Sweetheart, I hope you can leave the wound alone... so sorry! It must itch, I bet.
    Love to all,
    Lily, WA, USA

  10. Tommy! however did you manage that with your cone on?
    All those frootbats are adorable but the Stern Bats made me laugh.

  11. 5 weeks ??!!
    I start to complain when my mom is gone for 5 day's :)
    Lovely frootbats pictures ♡♡

  12. Magnificent frootbats all around! And wow, Tommy sure is a smart boy to get a scab off while wearing a cone. Goodness, #1 will have to stay on her toes!

  13. Great frootbats today! And gotta leave your wound alone. And finally...we cannot believe #1 is leaving you all for 5 weeks! OMC!!

  14. We love all of the cute little frootbats!

    5 weeks?!?! We thought it was bad when Mom Paula left us for 1 1/2 weeks.

    If Tommy doesn't watch out, he's going to be in full body armor!

  15. FIVE WEEKS? You are being abandoned.

  16. tell the lady you get lots of treats
    Benny & Lily

  17. 5 weeks abandonment??? There will need to be some serious retribution on #1's part, when she returns!

    Wonderful frootbats!

  18. Tommy!



    It's the khats I tell woo!!!!


  19. TOMMY! YOU MUST stop doing that!!!!


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