Friday, 28 June 2013

Finally Friday!

Da Beebs: If ever a week deserved that title, this one has! Oh BOY! What a few days we've had. You've heard of my adventures and I do, with bowed head, apologise to #1 for worrying her so very much, screaming at her so much, peeing on her, and behaving as though I had never met her before. I am happy to say that when she woke up yesterday morning, the day she left, she found me on her bed, asleep in my usual spot. She snuggled me and I licked her face, and all was forgiven. Phew!!!

Poor #1 had a bit of a traumatic time again yesterday morning. Her train was almost an hour late getting to the airport and she almost didn't make her flight. The people at Air France were so nice!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos that Ms. R took yesterday:

 Me enjoying my meal:

Tommy relaxing:

PS: Oh, and guess what? Air Canada sent her suitcase to Toronto last night instead of Charlottetown! She did get it back safely this morning and really hopes that will be that for trauma...


  1. #1's trip got off to a rough start - I hope the rest of t goes smoothly. And I am glad to hear you are back to normal, Bibi!

  2. Oh Bibi!!! What drama :0
    We are glad it is over and you are calmed down. We are also glad #1 made her plane! Whew!!
    WE purr things will be calm for Ms R
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  3. glad things seem to be better and hope the trip goes well!
    Looks like you both have the run of the place!

  4. Whew, glad #1 got off on her staycation okay and that you and she made up first. Now who is belly up there? That is really a belly up pose!

  5. We hope #1's trip now goes smoothly and there are no further hiccups!

  6. That was a week that is best put in memory and then after awhile, forgotten. What trauma!

  7. We are glad to hear peace has been restored in your household. We hope #1 has a great trip.

    Millie & Walter

  8. sheesh - poor #1.....we hope the rest of the trip goes better. And Beebs - we are glad you are back to normal :)

  9. Crossing our fingers and paws that that is the last of the trauma #1 has to face!

  10. You are lucky you are not in jail
    Benny & Lily

  11. We hope the rest of your trip is uneventful!


  12. Sounds like all has settled down nicely. Now do be a good doobie and be an extra good boy, Beebs. And everybuddy else, too!

    So now that you've vacated and your luggage has arrived... start vacationing! You could have been driving like a mad woman to get to lunch with me had things worked out. Bugger. I'm sure you'll still mamage to have a lovely lincheon though! Wish I were there!

  13. On dit jamais deux sans trois. Et comme il y a eu Bibi, le train puis les bagages... ça fait trois. Ouf ! c'est fini !
    Bibi il a fait une mauvaise rencontre. Il n'y a qu'une grande peur qui peut mettre un chat dans cet état épouvantable où il redevient une bête sauvage et traquée qui ne reconnait plus personne.
    Heureusement que tout est rentré dans l'ordre.

  14. It looks as though the dust has finally settled! You made it safely to PEI with luggage now thankfully at hand, and the gang looks nice and relaxed (Tommy!! :) ) with their new caregiver.
    Now... have a fun vacation!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. I wonder if Beebs was smelling some other animal to make him act so cross. I become all hissy and snappy with Mom if I am on the deck and another cat comes into the yard. She cannot pick me up then.

    I also sometime hiss and act as if I am going to bite if she tries to pick me up if I have escaped into the yard. Nowadays I ALWAYS get Party Mix when I come back in and that has seemed to help.

    Hope #1 has a good 5 weeks in canada and that all the animals there are very good while she is away.

  16. We are glad you were back to your old self before she left and did not have to worry. But what other worries she has had! Safe travels for the rest of her trip!

  17. Oh holy cat. On top of yesterday now your #1 has this to deal with? *sighhhh* Let's hope you guys have seen the last of Traumatic stuff for a while!

  18. I am glad you were back to normal this morning Bibi. I hope everything goes smoothly now for #1 after the bad start.

  19. Oh wow. It's too bad that Tommy is so stressed. MOL!!!!! need to take lessons from Tommy...

    Glad you settled down and gave #1 kisses before she left.


    Cory and family

  20. Glad you are back to normal Beebs, you had us all worried. Hope #1 has a good visit with no more issues.

  21. We iz BERY BERY relieved BiBi Chan dat you iz feelin better n ya made up wif #1 befur she left!!!
    Our Hu'manz are bery fergivin which iz guud!!!
    Yer poor Mum wif da late train n den her bagz sent to Tornoto!!! Dat iz just 4 hourz away frum where we livez!!!
    Phankz CATGOD fer gettin #1 her bagz to her!!! WE putz our pawz together hopin her bacashun iz drama n trauma free!!!
    Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxoxo


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