Monday, 13 May 2013

Mighty Manly Monday!

The Beebs and Genji: We have had a very busy morning! You see, we figured out in the early hours of the morning that there was a mousie hiding under the bookshelf in #1's room, and so we started our watch:

Sei-Chan joined us off and on, but Mama-Tama was totally uninterested... Anyway, after much manly hunting, Genji managed to flush it out:

And then mean #1 got it away from us and took it outside. She is not sure wether it wlil be OK or not, but she tried. Sigh...

We are now enjoying a well-earned rest:

Vidock: Did somebody say MIGHTY? Did somebody say MANLY??? Let me present Exhibit A:

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! I had a major celebratory romp to show off my moves to #1. And I also showed her how good I am at break-dancing!

See, I am twirling on just one foot!!!

Tom: Woofs, Everyone! Being a highly-cultured woofie, I accompanied #1 to the opening of an art exhibition:

And of course, I continue to enjoy my daily romps in the great outdoor salthough #1 is trying to restrict my activity a little bit so I don't overtax my leg.

Wishing you all a most excellent week!


  1. Oh, that one-footed move is outstanding! Ack on the mousie though. So glad we never get any of those here. Lizards and spiders and froggies are more than this Momma can handle as it is. srsly.

    Have a funtabulous day, everybuddy!

  2. Typical humans to spoil all the fun *sigh*
    Hope the little mousie will find it´s way right back inside again :)
    WOW , Vidock you sure are a good break-dancer !!

  3. Vidock, you sure are manly! I am impressed.

  4. Vidock what a great one hoof stance in your field - a very manly picture for Monday. Great stick Tom but don't run too fast and make your leg worse. Great mousing boys.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Great hunting and finding that mousie!

    Belated congrats to Vidock on his 4th birthday, love the photo of him kicking up his heels, he looks happy. And Tommy's photo of his holding the stick, already to play.
    Have a great week - we hope to, as the sun is shining again.

  6. I don't think we have ever seen a mousie. san says "thank goodness " so it must be a big deal. You guys are so brave. Now that we think of it we have never run after sticks or break dance. We're thinking of exchanging san for a more fun human. Hmmm.

  7. A real LIVE mousie! Wow - we are so impressed. And Vidock is just incredible in those shots. What a totally maximally manly Monday.
    By the way, where were the girls during the mousie hunt ?

  8. Vidock - outstanding dance moves!

    gengi and beebs - pawsome hunting!

    Tommy - you're looking good!

  9. A mouse? A REAL LIVE MOUSE? Oh how very exciting. I think we would like something like that here too...

  10. SO much fur fur one post!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! Woo and the poppies were perfekht!

  11. How exciting to hunt a real live mouse in the night. I remember the time I brought one in during the night and it ran under the computer desk. Mum woke up when she heard noises and found CDs and DVDs scattered all across the floor and me trying to get under the bottom shelf.
    You have very good moves Vidock. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

  12. Hisia : Wouaaa ! vous etes des supers chasseurs en équipe les Abys. Dommage que votre #1 elle vous ai enlevé votre proie.
    Nat à Chat elle adore les photos de Vidock... Voir un cheval de cette taille et corpulence faire des acrobaties... génial !
    Ronrons d'Hisia.

  13. Nice job you kitties, flushing out that mouse.
    Also, we are sorry we missed Vidock's birthday. We sure hope he had a great day.
    So hope all of you have a really good week.

  14. Mighty, manly and so very impressive, Vidock!

    Beebs and Gin-chan, good job on flushing the mousie out. How drae #1 take it away from you!

    And Tommy-kun... you're just so wonderful :D

  15. You poor kitties! How come our humans never let us keep our catch? They are spoilsports.

  16. ooooh, a schmousie! We snagged a big moth last night...

    Love all the manliness today!

  17. After so much hard work catching that mousie, it must have been so disappointing to have #1 take it away - we have that same problem here with birds and bunnies.

    Superb action shots of Vidock - he is quite the dancer.

    And Tommy, we are so happy you can still manage to find some fun AND rest that leg.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Hope that's not Mickey Mouse. Wow Look at those leg kickin moves! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  19. MOWZERS! *envious look* We haven't found a LIVE one yet. Some doodcats have ALL the luck. *sigh* (Allie found one out in the yard though, and said it was PAWEsome. Mommy said it was already deaded though - probably by the stinky ol' neighborcat behind us.)

    Pee Ess - THANK you for visiting us while our mommy was away and keeping us from being bored out of our furry little MINDS!! We're baaaaaack! WOO!

  20. Vidock you sure know how to kick up your hooves!

    Millie & Walter

  21. Oh dear! Mousies don't have much of a chance with all you most excellent hunters!

    Vidock, you are magnificent. Truly!

    And Tommy, you are a lucky boy.You can even have a nice glass of wine in a restaurant after your gallery galavanting! Teehee. We are limited to the outdoors here in Vancouver :)

    Issa and Duffy and the critters in the cottage xo

  22. Too bad #1 took away your mousie. That was no fun. And Vidock, that move was amazing!

  23. Such studly and handsome man critters! We loved break dancing Vidock! Even though #1 released your present, we are sure she understood the love that was in the mousie present. And thanks for coming to my party!

  24. A mouse in the house! Mum doesn't like it when that happens. But they usually don't survive to go outside again.

  25. Oh My! Vidock, your Exhibit A and your moves break dancing are awesome!
    Lily, WA, USA


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