Sunday, 3 February 2013

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: You may remember, Dear Friends, that I was bundled off to the vet's this week, Friday to be precise. I get very scared at the vet's, despite being a Queen and all that, and glue myself to #1 as much as possible. On the ride there and back, I wear my Puppia harness and ride shotgun for #1:

Well, I got my shots and felt a little subdued yesterday, so I got lots of extra cuddles, Zoom-Grooming ad playtime with #1. I am back to feeling myself 100% now.

Most of the time, when #1 comes up to her study, she finds me here:

... that being her desk chair, of course, so she has to accommodate herself onto the remaining space. This  provides lots of discreet snuggle time for both of us!

That Bibi-Boy of mine is rather more blatant in his snuggling with #1:

Ditto for when he snuggles with Tommy!

Genji, as we know, likes to hog #1's lap:

Tommy likes to have his own snuggle time with #1:

Remember that, last week, we had no snuggle shots of Tommy and Sei-Chan? We can certainly make up for that this week!

We don't have any snuggle shots with the Vs today, but #1 went to see them yesterday and they are in fine form and send everyone their best neighs.

Wishing you all a sunny and snuggly Sunday


  1. Have a super, snuggly Sunday, everyChan!

  2. Thank goodness for snuggly, cuddly Sundays - what a great way to keep warm.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Lots of good snuggles going on there. Bibi looks in bliss making biscuits on Tommy.

  4. You guys must be the best at snuggles.

  5. Lots of great snubbles going on there. Tommy we are glad to see you are keeping your ball close by. Ande does the same thing. Have a super Sunday.

  6. You look good in your Puppia, Tama. We are glad your visit to the VET was routine.

    #1 must love the snuggles, but with all of you, we wonder how she ever gets anything done.!

  7. Glad to hear you're back to normal, Tama. Good thing those vet visits are just once a year! Great snuggle shots for our Sunday. Have a great day!

  8. Miss Tama I'm glad to hear your visit to the vet went well. What a great group of snuggle shots you have this week. I wish I had a kitteh to snuggle with.


  9. that is a great way to spend the weekend!!!

  10. My human is so starved for attention from me, she even likes it when I jump on the desk and poke her.

  11. We are happy that all went well at the vet and you didn't get too unwell from your shot. Did Tommy go along with your for morale support?
    Yes, Sunday snuggles are the best a your house.
    We forgot to ask yesterday, do the characters on Sei's collar say something? Love to all.

  12. Me too sit in the frontseat on my mom´s car in my Puppia harness :)
    But hey , you have the stearing wheel on the wrong side in your cat-car !
    Here in Sweden wee have the stearing wheel on the left side and drive on the right side on the road :)
    LOVE all your snuggle puictures <3

  13. Gorgeous snuggle pictures today.. Just lovely.. Mum says that harness looks interesting and wonders if it would maybe be less stressful than a basket.. hugs GJ xx

  14. All that snuggling made me feel very peaceful!

  15. Good snuggles and glad the VET visit went OK.

  16. oh Miss Tama, you are so very lovely. And Sei chan and Tommy are the best! sending soft purrrs to the two V's...paw pats to all, Savannah

  17. oh MOUSES!!!...glares at Mom...she hit "publish" and I wasn't done yet! I had my annual vet check on Friday too Tama, and I came through just fine like you...we are very lucky ladycats for sure, purrrs, Savvy...(ok Mom , now hit 'publish'...sheesh)


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