Saturday, 2 February 2013


Sei-Chan: I must confess, Dear Friends, that I do feel a teeny bit like a blog hog, given that I already had my big birthday post on Monday, but what the heck? I will take whatever blog time I can get!

I just LOVED all the nice comments you left on my birthday. You are all wonderful friends, and so, I convinced #1 to do an unexpected last-minute draw on the names of all those who left comments so we could send off a little giftie to the winner. And guess what? The winners are the great gang over at CRITTER COTTAGE! We will try to get the package out to them early next week.

I do have just a few photos to share with you today. Let's start with a profile shot that will show you a bit more of my new collar:

This is my very own treat station in #1's bedroom. We get our treats in the evening and in the morning, and we all have our places.

#1 caught me here in mid-ablutions:

I am not sure how amused I was by that...

I need to reflect on that one...

We will mention this again next week, but for those of our readers who live in the UK, or have access to UK television, we wanted to mention that "Martin Clunes: Heavyhorse Power" will be broadcast on ITV onThursday, February 7th, from 9 to 10pm. As you may surmise, the entire programme is on heavy horses, and a portion of it was filmed on the Fish Run last September, the event that #1 participated in. Who knows? There may even be a glimpse of her? The people shown training Clunes' horses, the Sampsons, are also good friends of #1's and work with Percherons in England.


  1. And rightly so Sei-chan that you should think about the way beans have of clicking away when we need the most privacy. But #1 also gives you treats. Maybe you can ask her for some more. We live all the way here so we don't know if we would be able to see the program

  2. I do not think blog hogging is such a bad thing. Now we are very interested that you each have your own treat station - this is a most interesting idea. We'll try to persuade Äiti to tune into UK tv for the hosses. Have a relaxing weekend (very very smart collar, by the way).

  3. Chats!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the great paw work Tommy! Only a 'few more' hours 'til our weekend!

  4. Love your pictures this time too. What a handsome kitty you are.

  5. Beautiful collar for a beautiful Sei-Chan!

    I wish I could tune in but of course, I am too far away.


  6. Oh, personal Treat Stations sounds like a wonderful idea! Too bad it wasn't open 24/7.

    Happy SEIturday!


  7. A personal treat station Sei-Chan the very height of luxury.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. A perfect angel in every way! Never enough YOU for us.
    We wish we could see the television show.

  9. We allready have the showearmarked as we love Martin Clunes shows and we wil be watching avidly for a glimps of #1. There was one this Thurday by Martyn and it was on dogs and was really god.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. You guys have TREAT STATIONS?! We never know when or where - or IF - we are getting treats! Just another example of the neglect we get here!

  11. Mum hand feeds us our treats every day.

  12. OMC!! Wish we could see that horse power TV show! How pawsome! Maybe it will be put on DVD for the peeps in USA??? paw pats for #1, Savannah

  13. Sei-Chan, we never get tired of seeing you! Your new collar is great! We wish we got that program here in the US...we would watch for #1!

  14. How cool that you might spy #1 in the show! We know just enough about Percherons to be dangerous, Mommy sez!

    Sei-Chan, we'd reflect on that too if we were caught abluting!

    Happy SEIturday!

  15. We are kinda of liking the idea f a treat station
    Benny & Lily

  16. Dearest Sei, if wes did not enjoy the rest of your siblings so much (Including the woffies and the horsies) me would say eveery day should be Sei Day!
    Me shall has to gets Mommy to see if she can find your #1's show in line! Thanks yous for telling us about it!

  17. Sei-Chan, I was really impressed on your pictures, your so cute and lovely! and I'm pretty sure that your really had fun with your siblings!

    kheyla & Chasu



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