Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tommy on Thursday

Tom: I have to tell you, there is nothing quite like routine! I love getting back to routine now that #1 is here!  We had to take the car to the garage because the cigar lighter was no longer working and, as #1 says, that is a serious problem in this day and age (no, she does not smoke...), and I went with her. It seems that a fuse had blown, so we just hung out whilst they fixed it:

Please note my 2012 Idita-Leash, complete with my name:

You have no idea what a to-do it was to get that leash. We had ordered it, along with a hoodie sweatshirt. The sweatshirt arrived but no leash! We made enquiries and it turned out they were being shipped directly from the manufacturer and these people wouldn't ship overseas. And guess what more? They wouldn't even ship to Alaska!!! So the nice David Olson Idita-guy in Nome had it sent to his son in Oklahoma who then sent it to us! What a story!

So, anyway, I have been hanging out quite a bit with my Genji-bro. Can you believe Ms. A and Mr. D called him Gengis Khan?!

And I've been romping in the fields with #1. Gotta be more careful now as hunting season has begun and many of those guys don't really care what they shoot at, as long as they shoot...

All of this means that I am usually pretty pooped by the end of the day:

PS: Our dog blogging friends will remember the awful fire that razed our Pibble friends' (kissa-bull) house last year, and took the lives of five of their rescues. They have been working hard to rebuild their lives and now find themselves in dire straits once more. Anybody who might be able to help can go here to find out their story and  chip in. We cannot possibly let them become homeless yet again!


  1. Do be careful with the hunters around, Tom. What a silly thing about the leash!

  2. Tommy, I can't believe the go-round with the leash. The merchants need to be specific in their ads! Gengis Khan? Hardly. :-)))

  3. Please take extra care while those hunters are about everyone.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. o.What an ordeal fur your leash, Tommy. Glad you finally got it. Hunting season just started here in Oklahoma, too. We're glad we're locked up tight in our house!

  5. Hunting season always scares us - do you wear a bell, Tommy?


  6. sheesh....all that for a leash? :)

    Tommy, we want you to be safe, but don't let #1 paint you orange hahaha

  7. We understand the story about the leash very well. We are gald that there are nice guys out there :) Be careful in hunting season Tommy and no# as well.

    the amigos and san

  8. We have the same problem with hunters here too , they don´t care so much what they shoot as long as they shoot.
    I will go over asap and visit your furriends at Kissa-Bull :)

  9. oh Tommy be careful out there with the hunter guys around!!!!!!

    Genji - is Tommy really big or are you a little guy like our Nicky?? The mom thinks you're awfully cute

  10. It looks like you are having a grand morning!

  11. Hi Tommu, glad you eventually got yoir leash. It looks verg nice. Please be very careful with those hunters!

  12. Hello! Just gave a little something o the family in need :)

  13. Hunters... yeesh, you think they'd want to know who's butt they were about to shoot off since presumably they intend to eat whatever it was..
    Perhaps you should dye your white areas orange?

  14. Genjs Khan! The nerve of some people! Goodness!

    Please be careful, darling Tommy! Lots of irresponsible hunters about. Keep an eye on your #1 also. It's not an uncommon experience for hunters to accidentally shoot humans. It wasn't too long ago when U.S. vice president Dick Cheney shot his hunting companion!

  15. Oh, Tommmy - you are melting Mom's heart with that last pic:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. tommy
    I'm so happy #1 is back and you have youw wootine all back..pleez oh, pleez be caweful of those huntews..what a stowy wif youw bootiful leash, glad you finally got it. I love how you and Genji shawe youw bed and pwobably gossip, hehehe

    i am cwossing all my paws fow the's just twagic what they've gone thwoo..I wish I had some gween papews, but all I can do is hope and pway and send my bestest thoughts theiw way.
    thank you fow witing about them
    smoochie kisses

  17. Tommy, it's so nice to see you! We really like your leash. We're glad you finally got it!

  18. I had no idea that hunters were as boorish in France as they are in the States! Stay safe, Tommy!

  19. we love the routines too!! Cool leash!!
    Benny & Lily

  20. Yeah, don't get shot. During deer gun season they must wear a bright orange in the fields. People even put the bright blankies on their horsies.

  21. So sorry to hear the Pibble friends are having hard times again we will go read about it.

    You look like you had a good time Tom we will let you get back to your nap.

  22. Oh Tommy!

    That last pikh -


    Happy Walking!

    I think that leash logged as many miles as The Iditarod and THEN some!



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