Saturday, 20 October 2012

So SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: OK. So it has been raining almost constantly since my last SEIturday post. Can you believe it? #1 keeps mumbling that if she did not have a woofie, she probably would not actually have gone out of the house all week. Oh, and there are the horses too. Yesterday, she walked across a 10 acre field to go and say hello to Vidock who was not happy about being totally soaked. He will be brought in very soon. Violette is already in and enjoying it!

I have been spending quite a bit of time in my delightful down cocoon:

As well as hanging out on the kitchen cat tree:

Wanna see a bit of toe?

As the days get shorter, it's nice to nap companionably close to my sister Tama-Chan:

Even when I have to deal with #'s over-enthusiastic photo-taking...

Oh, and I have a funny photo for you of me and Tommy! He is woofing "Come to me, little one. You are good enough to eat!" Tee Hee..... I love my Tommy!

Have a great SEIturday, everyone!

URGENT: Our Pittie pals now have a new human puppy called Michael. They are having a garage sale tomorrow in a last bid to raise desperately needed funds to keep their house. Their Chip-In button has gone quiet of late, so if you haven't been to visit yet, could you please go and take a look and see if you can help even a little? It's here.


  1. We love those photos - particularly the one of Tommy because we know you are the boss and he just looks like a big scary dog - when in fact he's a huge softy!
    We have had sun and frost here today - but the sun puddles only catch the edge of the catio now.....
    have a great weekend, HM Punapippuri (you are indeed right, but I did not wish to seem ungrateful, hehe!)

  2. Great pictures, especially that last one. Very funny.

    It's been raining a lot here int he UK too.

    Years ago The Mum used to have a dog called Rex that hated the rain. If she tried to walk him in it he would do his business really quick and drag her back home.

  3. Oh Tommy!

    Please have a bit-o-toe fur me ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: I spared Mom last night from the same Fate as #1 - we had a storm lurking as we did our walk - I steered her home before it hit - of khourse, the thunder and lightning made fur an easy decision

  4. Tommy here. I feel as though I need to elucidate something: I LOVE RAIN, just as much as I love sunshine, snow, wind, hail and whatever else the weather wants to throw at me. I am a true all-weather model, happy to go out in aything (woe is #1....).

  5. I'm sorry about all the rain you're having but I must say that I am quite looking forward to cooler weather that will require me to snuggle under a lovely down cocoon, Sei-Chan! Heavenly!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your photos are so great. I especially like the one of you and Tonmy - so precious. It's very clear to see he loves you too.

  7. We are having a whole string of rainy days. Its the beginning of the rainy season. We love napping at this time just like you guys. That down really feels warm Sei_chan and you have your own fur warmer. Poor Bujang will not get many walks- only along the corridor. Bujang does not like wet grass.

    the amigos and san.

  8. Rainy days are always appreciated here - it's always nice to snuggle!


  9. That last picture made us laugh - we had a vision of a headless cat! but no we know that Tommy is far to gentle for that. It has started to be a little drier here so maybe your weather will change too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. It is so nice to be inside and cozy on rainy days. I love my down comforters (a pile of 3), too.

    Great photo of you and Tommy.

  11. That is too bad about all the rain, Sei - let's hope your sun puddles return soon!

  12. Me and my crazypants will be right over, lovely Sei-chan...we can run around like our tails are on fire (!!!!!) and then...maybe...cuddle?


    XX Maui

  13. So sorry about all that rain. That trek through the fields could not have Ben much fun. But we bet you and your furry family kept #1 all snuggly warm when she returned.

    Here's hoping the sun comes out tomorrow.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Hi Sei :) We kitties do not like rain and are happy to be indoor kitties too :) We have had quite a bit of rain,especially in September. We set a record for rainfall.It did not rain every day, but it rained a lot on some days!!
    Today is supposed to be rainy and it is already very windy!
    Have a good weekend :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  15. Great photos!

    We can't believe you've had a week of rotten weather! Hope the sun comes back out shining soon!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  16. Love your down cocoon! And the toesies!!
    That sure is a silly, cuddly, picture of you and your Tommy!

  17. Wooo! Hooo! Great toes and what a great shot of yous and Tommy!

  18. We don't think our Mom read another thing after seeing Sei's toes! They get her every time. Have a nice cozy Sunday, friends. xoxo


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