Monday, 27 August 2012

Manly Monday!

Bibi-Chan: So where is #1? It's all well and good here and we love Ms. A and Mr. D, but WHERE is #1? Maybe Chey can help us locate her? She sent us this photo which we think looks highly suspicious:

That is apparently some manly pup by the name of Leo frolicking outside her cottage yesterday afternoon. Sigh.. I could have frolicked too... Tommy and I have been sitting by the window to see if we can spot her:

No luck yet.

Tommy has also been busy giving Mama Tama some loving (as well as his ball, of course...):

And I have been sending messages to #1 using Ms. A's computer:

As well as working on my MeerBeebs persona out in the run:

As for Genji, he has been playing jungle kitty:

and posing for the camera:

We have no new pics of Vidock today, but #1 did send us this interesting photo of some ice cream she bought in Prince Edward Island:

She says it's quite delicious!

Big thanks once again to Ms. A and Mr. D for the photos!


  1. O mai goodness! Genji Jungle Kitty is AWESOME! Love it!

    Have a lovely day, everyChan!

  2. If we came across you posing like that our knees would be knocking with fright Genji. We bet there are no evil intruders with you on patrol.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Hmmm... that doesn't seem fair that you were all left behind.


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  5. I hope you spot her soon!! And I hope she brings you back some of that yummy looking ice cream!

  6. That #1 better hurry home and stop playing with other furry kids
    Benny & Lily

  7. At least you are keeping yourselves busy while #1 is away!

  8. It's so sad to see y'all suffering from the lack of #1...ha ha ha!!! From the look of that ice cream, she's having a wonderful trip!

  9. I love the ice cream!

    We gave you an award yesterday on the blog!


  10. Oh my, yes, that ice cream does look quite yummy, bet #1 enjoyed it too!

    Good to see you are all doing a great job 'holding the fort' until her return.


  11. Wow, that is one very impressive Jungle Kitty Genji!!!

    Time to send out an APB for #1. We will let you know if we see her.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Genji is awesome and manly as a jungle kitty. Scared the furs up on my back.

    Hoof Prints ice cream? Let me try some. I'll eat around the chocolate.

    Everyone, #1 will be back and you'll have such snuggles you'll hardly remember she was gone.

  13. Oh I hope #1 will come back soon!
    Gen-Chan, I love your photo of playing jungle kitty! You look very manly and handsome.
    I've never seen this ice cream before but sure looks yummy :-)

  14. Great photos, especially of our Genji! It's so wonderful that you love your caretakers! But we know your #1 is #1! Love to everyone

    P.S. Genji looks looks like he is speaking words!

  15. Those are great pictures of all of you today!

  16. Mom Paula says yummy on that icecream.

  17. What a blast! Hoof Prints Ice Cream! We are glad you are staying busy since #1 seems to have run off again! She is the runningest bean we know, and we wish her a safe trip.

  18. Um... are you sure you want me to help?

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