Monday, 23 July 2012

Manly Monday

Tom: Hi everyone! Tommy here again to say a big thank you for all the words of support. I had a great day yesterday and #1 even gave me a new ball! I have been staying away from the fields with the offending spikelets and enjoying my delicious meals! And I cannot tell you how well my kitties have been looking after me!

Here is a shot of me on one of my walks yesterday:

UPDATE: This post was prepared yesterday evening. As of late last night, I was limping heavily, not putting any weight on my right hind leg, so back to Dr. C's we go. #1 is terrified that it's the cruciate ligament specter rising again, although it seems that lameness can be a symptom of lyme disease. So, we want to check things out. Woe is me some more... Will update later.

UPDATE OF UPDATE: We're just back from the vet's. Dr. C prodded and pulled my leg in all directions and the good news is she does not think it is the ligament, or the Lyme disease. My foot is a bit swollen and she suspects it's just something muscular, probably a bit of a sprain. Normally, I would get a cortisone shot to put it all right but, as I am taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and cortisone is an immuno-suppressent, I shouldn't have any for now. So paws crossed rest and Rimadyl will do the trick.

Vidock: I don't have a great deal to report. It's been a quiet week in our field here, aside from the excitement of Jane's visit on Thursday. Here is a photo she took of #1 giving me a good going-over:

Urey: Things have been quiet for me too although, with the better weather, the whole end wall on my box opens up and I get an excellent view and lots of fresh air!

If you're wondering why I'm in a box rather than outside... With some exceptions such as Vidock and his buddy Big Tom, stallions can rarely be kept together in the same paddock or field. So we tend to be in boxes and are let out into a paddock in turn during the day.

Bibi-Chan: I have been very busy looking handsome which is basically a full-time job in and of itself...

And spending time at the window, admiring the wildlife...

Genji: Here is my Manly Monday shot for this week. You may squee if you would like to!


  1. Tom, we only now read your Tale of Woe post and are so so sorry for what you have gone through. And now the limping on top of that. Get better fast, sweet friend. As for the other man lies there, so nice to see Vidock and Urey doing well and the man cats so handsome.

  2. Bless your heart, Tommy! We hope it is just a temporary setback and that you are feeling more like letting your ears fly high again soon!

  3. Tommy , I keep my paws crossed for your paw to be better real soon !
    Genji : My mom did squeee a lot over your photo :)

  4. Paws crossed for you Tommy! You take it easy. And we want a report back ASAP.
    You others, look after him. and look after #1 too.

  5. We are thinking of you Tommy. Hope you are better soon. All your brothers are looking very handsome.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. SQUEEEE - thank you for allowing us to do that Genji! and we think you have handsome in bucket loads Bibi. Here's hoping your leg will be feeling less sore each day Tommy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Poor darling Tommy! Our love is with you, sweetheart, and we are praying and purring that you'll feel better soon. We know that your #1 will take excellent care of you and that is a comfort for all of those who love you.
    And thanks, Genji, for giving us a squeeee! We needed that.

  8. Hi furriends!! You are all looking great!

    I hope you are feeling better Tommy, what an ordeal! Poor #1, what a lot of worry.

    We just wanted to stop by to say "hi" and let #1 know that the PM will be over on The Island the last week of August (25-31). They are staying at the same cottage down the road from The Dunes. Maybe another nice lunch could be planned if #1 is still going to be there?


  9. I was hoping it was one of THOSE episodes...

    Of khourse, this means Mom will be watching me since the last time that happened with woo, I had the same thing!

    This khalls fur more Tommy pampering!


  10. We just love reading your blog because of all neatjjla

  11. Oh my gosh Tommy we just read yesterday's post and were cringing!!!! You poor brave boy, maybe you will have to wear trousers when you are running in the fields from now on to protect your privates!!! We hope you limp is better soon really have been in the "wars" as my mum would say.

  12. Oh wow, the excitement never ends at your house Tommy. Kisses and Ear scratches to make you feel better and cuddles to everyone else.

    Pei In The Life

  13. Tommy, we will rev up our motors again for you! PLEASE take it easy today!
    The rest of you lot--make sure to cheer #1 up so she doesn't worry too much about Tom.

  14. Why yes the Woman is squeeing about Genji! And Tommy I am glad that the vet thinks it is not too bad. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  15. We are all caught up now on your news and we were sorry to hear about Tommy's ordeal! It sounds as though he will be alright now though , thank dog!

    We are getting rain again so the hot, hots didn't stick around...what an odd sumer is has been.

    Feel 100% better quickly Tommy :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. I'm glad to hear that Tommy is back on the mend, although it sounds like he has had a rough time of it. Paws still crossed and more purrs coming!

  17. Oh Tommy, we were so hoping for today to be a great day for you. We hope the next update will be all good news about you.

    Take care, pal.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. We hope you are back to normal soon, Tommy.

    We were watching Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell this weekend and he called Abyssinian kitties "spider monkeys" because of how active they are. We thought of you when he said it.

  19. Oh Tommy, we are so sorry to hear about your leg. Glad it doesn't seem anything serious...we hope you get well soon.

  20. Oh Gengi and Bebe! Yous is just the most delicious man cats! Vidock, yous is huge and Urey, does yous has barn cats to keeps yous entertained?
    And Tommy, yous is having a run of bad luck! Me thinks a week of taking it easy will helps yous feel a whole bunch better!

  21. Tommy, you rest and get better. We want to get a good report on you soon.

  22. we haveour feets crossed for you Tommy. Feel better
    Benny & Lily

  23. Tommy, we are happy to hear you are on the mend now and we hope your hurty sprain will heal fast especially with your kitties watching out for you!

    We see that Bibi-Chan and Genji are looking very handsome/manly indeed!

    Vidock looks pleased to have some attention from #1! Is Urey, a bit jealous? His turn will be next!

    Mindy, Moe, Cookie & Mike


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