Friday, 18 November 2011

Friends, Family & Flying Ears Friday

: We took Genji in to Dr. C's at 9am this morning and I got my annual check-up and shots. I'm in great shape and even got the OK to try a little Frisbee again! We will be picking Genji up this afternoon and will add an update to the post then.

After Dr. C's, #1 and I went to visit a friend who lives nearby and who recently bought a puppy. He is a pure-bred Rotti an is now 4 months old. His name is Glasgow and he is very sweet. He was also quite well-behaved and I enjoyed playing with him!

As for family and flying ears, well, many of you already know that my niece Emily has the best flying ears ever! #1 got some good photos of her when she got back from England:

GENJI UPDATE! Our little Gen-Chan is back home from Dr. C's and has had a small meal. He is a little quiet but the other Chans and Tommy are being very nice to him.


  1. Emily certainly does have the best flying ears. Looking forward to little Genji's return.

  2. Emily does have amazing flying ears - even better than yours Tom.
    We're sure Genji will be relieved to be home after his vet ordeal.
    We have been thinking of him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. My advice Tom is rough him up now so that he knows from the outset who's in charge.

    Good luck Mate!

  4. Those are great flying ears!! We are glad you are setting a good example for Glasgow... We will look forward to the Genji update.

  5. Oh..Emily's ears are super marvellous Tom. Glasgow looks very handsome too. We hope Genji is fine.

    the amigos and san

  6. We are glad that Genji is doing well! And guess what? You were the first to figure out where I was hanging this week. YEAH!

  7. Oh my goodness...I loves flying ears and thank goodness Genji is doing well. Many many kisses to that handsome biy. xoxoxox

  8. LOVE those ears, Tom. Good news about Genji and that Roti pup sure does look cute.

  9. Tommy, we see flying ears "run" in your family!
    Hurrah for Genji...home at last. We give him 24 hours and he'll be up to his silly ways again.

  10. Emily has some very impressive flying ears. We wouldn't be surprised if she could actually fly with those amazing ears. We are glad Gen-Chan is doing well after his hoohaectomy.

  11. Happy Friday and happy Genji is home and doing OK.

  12. Glasgow looks very sweet indeed!
    Tommy you could teach him many useful things since you are such a good boy :)
    Great that Genji is eating.He'll be running around in no time at all!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. That's great news about Genji! We're glad the other kitties are being nice to him. Our stinkers (except for Oui Oui) would be all hissy. Great flying ear shots!

  14. Mum is going gaga over Glasgow, she loves rottie pups and had one of her very own for a long time. Nice to see your flying ears Tommy!

  15. No one takes pictures as good as these of Emily - really captures her joyous little nature! Glad Genji's vet visit was uneventful.

  16. She would be the most perfekht furiend fur Sister Bertrille -

    Not sure what Mom means but #1 might!

    The Rotti is SO khute - and of khourse we LOVE LOVE LOVE his tail!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing YOUR flying ears too!

  17. Go Tommy go! Fabulous photos of flyin ears!
    Your nw friend Glasgow iis gorgeous...puppalicious.
    Big nose pokes
    The Thugltsx

  18. Wow!! Flying ears!!
    I'm so jealous!


  19. What a cute new friend you have :)


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