Monday, 1 August 2011

Manly Monday

I get to go first today! I helped #1 to open our Christmas in July package a few days ago! It came from Purrs'n'Snorts. Thanks for all the cool stuff! There was a bag in there full of nip toys!

I chose one and had a great time with it, until Genji discovered it... He hasn't stopped playing with it since.

As we have mentioned, our weather has finally improved and we introduced Genji to the cat run a few days ago. As a big brother, it is my duty to teach and supervise:

It's almost a full-time job!

Vidock: I also want to tell you about that package we received because the biggest item in there was for ME!!!!

Yes! That is a bag of horse treats. #1 brought it along to the show last week and I got to have some as a victory celebration. I also shared them with Big Tom and Univers.

I have been resting since the show so no new photos of me, but someone sent #1 this nice photo of the two of us and I wanted to share it with you:

Oh, and by the way, I had a lucky escape last week. The equine dentist came to attend to a couple of other horses! You should have seen the equipment!

Tom: Now that I am feeling better, I am getting a little more play time with Fernant. He is as big as me and probably will soon be heavier, so he really needs to calm down a bit...

In other news, my tennis ball is back in action!

Gen-Chan: I am totally EXHAUSTED today! We had friends to dinner last night and I played and played and played, and then I played some more!!! And now I need to rest...

But before I go back to sleep, I have to tell you that I LOVE THE RUN!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Beebs, you and little Genji look so cute exploring the run together. Your different coloured furs look so pretty against each other :)

  2. The pics in the run made us smile ~ we love to see yoo all having fun and enjoying life. smoochies.

  3. We can see you have settled in quickly Genji and are delighted that you love the run too. We love your toy Bibi - you'll have to hide your things if Genji keeps taking them!! Tom what great news your tennis ball is back in play but make sure Fernant doesn't keep pinching your ball when you are playing. Mum loves that picture of #1 and Vidock - she says how happy she looks.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. There is always so much fun going on at your place. I think we all want to teleport kitties want to hang out in the run and Grete want's to play with Tommy and Fernant.

  5. Happy Monday friends! We're glad your weather has improved and we are so proud of Vidock doing so well at the show. xoxo

  6. What wonderful treats! So glad you had some nice weather to get outside.

    Mom Paula

  7. Everyone looks like they are having a great time! Enjoy those treats Vidock!

  8. Hi Everyone! Wow what a Manly Monday this is! We have missed all of you while we haven't been visiting - there is so much going on there for us to get caught up with! That is great that Genji is enjoying the run - we know that Bibi is great at keeping a big brotherly eye on him there too! Please send all the ladies hellos from us too!

  9. Genji looks so sweet and happy in his run with his big bro! So pleased that everyone is getting along:) Enjoy your new treats and toys.Merry Xmas!! Heehee.

    the critters in The Cottage

  10. Oh little one is starting to get brave. Wow, even Vidock got treats
    Benny & Lily

  11. What a great manly Monday - full of such wonderful photos! We love the photo of #1 and Vidock especially - very well done to Vidock again!

    Glad to hear your weather has picked up a little bit as well - wish ours would too! July was a wash-out and August hasn't started much better!

    Hope you all enjoyed your treats!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  12. We love manly Mondays, and there's so much energy and enthusiasm at your place. But isn't it nice when the kitten(s) FINALLY fall asleep ?!

  13. Great pictures of the fun and glad you ahd weather to do it. That little one has so much energy.. HUgs GJ xx

  14. It looks as if all of you have been having a wonderful time. Vidock we enjoyed the picture of you with #1.

  15. That Christmas in July package sounds awesome! I had no idea there were horse treats!

  16. Woo Hoo - this post is filled with very happy boys!!! Glad you got to enjoy the run, Bibi and now show the fun run to Genji. And Genji, we can tell that you are very excited and curious about life outside.

    Tommy, we are amazed at how much Fernant has grown. Don't let him be too rough with you now, we don't want you hurting that leg. Have lots of fun with him and your ball, but be careful:)

    And Vidock - how lucky for you, we never even thought about there being special treats for horses. Enjoy.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Enjoy your tutoring, horse treats, tennis ball and nap! Such a busy day for you all!

  18. Excellent Manly Monday post! Vidock, you look so STATELY in your picture next to #1. Bibi, we are impressed how well you supervise little Genji. And Tom-kun, we're confident you'll wear Fernant out in the long run. As for Genji, we are left with joining in into mom's deafening squees.

  19. Christmas in July? That sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  20. Just think how I would liven up the run!

    Great shots!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Please tell F The Terror not to rough woo too much!

  21. We think we have arrived a bit to say Happy Birthday to Toma-Chan ~ we will pop back later to see if there is a post. Smoochies.

  22. Happy Day friends!!
    It's already Tuesday now but nevertheless, wishing you a happy happy day throughout the week!!

    P.s - We are soo behind on visiting and posting..:( mom's been v busy lately with events organizing etc. etc.


  23. We didn't know who was going to eat the apple/carrot treat until we scrolled down and saw Vidock, but he enjoyed those!

    All the pictures are great, thanks for sharing.

  24. So glad you guys got the package and enjoyed it! Happy Christmas!


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