Sunday, 3 July 2011

Slurps, Snuggles and Secrets on Sunday

I was the first one to spot the glass. There it was, on the table, and #1 had not sat down yet... I approached to investigate...

And decided to have a taste!

I was quickly followed by Sei-Chan (who normally does not go for new culinary experiences):

And then came my Bibi:

We have a unanimous verdict: Mare's milk is yummy!

In other news, we had a great time with our guests yesterday. Tommy loves to play tourist guide, Bibi got to go outside "officially" in his Puppia harness, and neither I nor Sei-Chan hid!

#1 has been seriously slacking this week in terms of snuggle pics. Can you believe that? Do you really think that torrid heat and no power are adequate excuses? Thought so... Anyway, the one thing we do have is the one missing from last week's post: a snuggle with Vidock!

Oh, and there is one of Tommy with his new best buddy, Mr.L! Too bad he lives in Canada...

Now, as for that "other Matter" or "the secret she has been keeping from us"... we managed to hack into #1's email account to discover what she was hiding. It seems that she has indeed been plotting to get us a new sibling. You know what her excuse is? That Bibi desperately needs a buddy he can be rowdy with because we girls refuse to play with him and we hiss at him, Hah! Anyway, it is a Blue Aby that is coming our way. He was born on March 31 and will be arriving, by plane if you please, on July 8th. He was born in south-west France and is not related to any of us. He is apparently full of beans and hugely playful. Hah! Sei-Chan and I have started rehearsing our synchronised hissing... As for that Bibi of mine, who knows what he will do?

The little one (who is indeed a boy) will tell you all about his name when he arrives. He will of course be a "Chan." It seems he will be confined to the back room initially, and will get to meet Bibi and Tommy first.

We found a couple more pics of him:

Will things ever be the same again?


  1. Aww !!! The little one is so cute !!! and COD ! mom said he was born in the same day as Leonardo da vinci , Now we wonder what is his cattitude ?..Can't wait to get to know your new brother !!!

  2. How lucky you guys got to taste mare's milk! I bet it was reeeaaaallyyyy good!! I think my little sister, Pumpkin would like it very much too.

    OOOH the little one is adorable! What breed is he? I think you guys will love him. Let's hope he's not the rascal type like Pumpkin.

  3. Mare's milk! What a treat for you all.

    You new little brother-to-be looks extremely cute and playful. How very exciting!

  4. Get ready to rumble!


  5. He's a cutie patootie but I know all about young brothers arriving out of the blue!

  6. You new brother is so cute and those ears have got mum staring at the screen wordless (which is a bonus for us two!!). We think she is going to be a big fan of his. Oh rats!! mum is going on holiday on the 9th so we'll miss all the excitement of his arrival.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh my goodness, the new Chan looks adorable! Cannot wait to meet him and learn his name. He shall be quite the addition!

    Love the snuggle with Vidock :)

  8. こんにちわ
    Sei chan,Bibi chan,Vidock kun ,Tom kun and Tama chan!
    Wow little chan is beautiful and 凛々しいわ

  9. CONGRATS for the new feline addition and WELCOME to the new Chan

  10. The new Chan looks like a real cutie! It will take you a while to get used to him, true, but I'm sure you will in time, and it will be good for Bibi to haf a playmate.

  11. Finders keepers losers weepers
    Benny & Lily

  12. Hurrah! Hurrah! A new boy cat. A baby mancat that Bibi-chan can play with. We think this is a most excellent idea and are delighted. We think he looks very impish in the photos. Our little playmates arrive about a week later than your pikku Chan. We shall be comparing notes ! Now, where's ther kissanmintu to celebrate....?

  13. Adding a Chan to the famiy is so exciting! Can's wait to see more...

  14. There's an award for you here:

  15. So, Hou-Bibi will have an akhkhomplice ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Handsome T! How about Khyra-Chan - has a furry nice ring, eh?

  16. What a little cutie. Can't wait to hear more about him soon. :)

  17. We want mare's milk!
    We want mare's milk!

    And OMC your new brother is a cutie-patootie...maybe his new name will be Japanese for "blue"? We can't wait to see him in "purrson".

  18. Oh we can't wait to see him as he settles in with Bibi! How exciting!! Had we known you wanted a Bibi Playmate, however, we would have sent Ichiro (I mean even his name would have been good with a chan ending...)

  19. The mystery is solved. What exciting news! I cannot wait to learn more about the new little tyke.

  20. That boykitty is impossibly cute! But yeah, if he were coming to my house, I would probably be getting ready to hiss at him too.

  21. Can't wait for the beginning of August to meet little beaublue chan!!

  22. hehe... glad you guys liked that new milk :)

    Congrats on your new kitty brother! He sure is cute. Tom sure is our numbered. We would be happy to come over and even things out a bit :)

    BIG Hugs & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  23. Of course things will never be the same once that new full of beans new brother shows up...but it could be fun! We can hardly wait to see you meeting him.

    I think if I were there I'd have my face planted in that milk glass!

  24. Oh, what an angelic-looking baby boy...truly beautiful. You are all in for it now!!

  25. What exciting news! Your new little brother is beautiful! It will be wonderful for you to have a boycat to play rowdy with. We can't wait to learn more about him.

  26. Milk!
    I can see you enjoyed it a lot!
    The little Chan!
    Sure you can't wait for him, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Oh! A new kitten, and lovely blue boy at that! I cannot wait to watch him grow up! I have always loved blue Abys!

  28. OMC! What an adorable baby boy ~ we can't wait to hear all abowt him. Of course, he'll hafta understand the pecking order, and accept the toys are ALL yoors, and take his turn waiting for cuddles!

  29. Oh Good Lord! Look at that little cutie!!!!! You all will have a very exciting and wonderful weekend.

  30. Yay for Bibi !!! We hope this all pans out well ... Um well, what I mean is that Bibi & "New boy Chan" bond.

    You see, I was supposed to be a buddy for THAT Little Bunny. Only once I got here, she, THAT Little Bunny, somehow bonded with Blackie. Pfft. That's okay by me, cuz I bonded with King ~ THE dog. And even Tannie Man ~ We wrestle a lot.

    So ... No matter what, Life will be EXTRA good in your house.

    Daisy "lizard watcher" Jiji

  31. Oh my! Lots of mewsy things happening and going to happen at your house! We are looking forward to getting to know Blue Chan...and yes, kittens need a wrestle partner, that's fur sure!!


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