Saturday, 14 May 2011

Slow SEIturday

Sei-Chan: We are finally having a slow day after a completely mad week. On Monday, I helped #1 to prepare the guest room. All of us love bed-making but I go the biggest share of the fun this time!

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we had Tommy's sister and niece here. It was so strange. They really looked like him but were both tiny! But they were both very respectful of us Chans and so we liked them a lot!

On Thursday morning, Tama-Chan threw one of her fits when Manoushka came around. Believe me, at such times, there is only one option...

Proud to know to hide under the bed!

And you all know what happened yesterday. We were so frustrated and missed our friends so much! We saw Vidock's birthday post disappear and then it reappeared this morning but the comments were all gone. Fortunately, #1 had keep a copy open on her desktop from the day before so we were able to save that and print it out.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day as there is family coming to lunch, so today the emphasis is on this:

and this...


  1. Yes, I was so sad not to see all of my furriends. We are all a CB family and to not see them and talk to them was terrible. I did get to wish Vidock a happy birthday though.

    I must tell you that you are looking particularly beautiful today. Very lovely. Your eyes are stunningly beautiful with the blonde furs around them.


  2. What a busy week. You are right to rest up today for tomorrow!

  3. Sei-Chan our mum says would you like to come over and help her with her bed making - she would love to have an assistant.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We love helping to make the beds! Especially getting underneath the sheets!

  5. That sure looks like the right thing to be doing to get ready for a busy day. Get in some great naps. Hope you do have a great week end.

  6. After a busy week and that quirky blogger, we are all glad to have a quiet day today too. We love that shot of you hiding under the bed, but the two ON the bed are superb. You have a very kittenish look on your sweet face.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. You had QUITE a week, Sei! I hope next week is a little more peaceful. Although with #1, you can never tell!

  8. Yes, we flee UTB when Maui has a conniption, too. Does a family lunch mean roast chikkun?

    Mommy is holding our for champagne.

  9. It does sound like a busy week and I am glad you are getting a nap--finally.

  10. Boy! Sounds like you guys have been busy! No wonder you want to sneak in that quick snooze!

  11. Does the lucky guest get the privilege of having you sleep on their pillow next to them? If so, count us in!!!!

    Do you know the mystery guest who was in your field? Come close and whisper in our ear. We'll not tell.

    A while back your #1 helped take a horse to the vet who was not being treated adequately by their own vet. How is that horse doing now? We think of them when we see horse posts. We knew they were doing better but always wondered how things turned out.

  12. Whitney and I are furry proud of that last pikh -

    Soooooo sedukhtive!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!!!

  13. Very cute photos as always.

    I heard Blogger was a mess. :(

  14. Happy belated birthday to Vidock! Did he get some ham or maybe a carrot to celebrate?


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