Sunday, 1 May 2011

Remembering and "Running" on Sunday

This weekend, the Three Tabby cats in Vienna, Kashim, Othello and Salome are hosting a CB event to remember those who have left us for the Bridge. We lit candles over at their blog to remember our three "Bridge Boys" but would like to do it here too.

IKKYU, the first one and the fiercest, who shared #1's life for 15 years and on three continents. He left for the Bridge in August 2007:

Sweet SEN-CHAN whose half-brother, Bibi, has inherited the Houdini tendencies! He left us in January 2009 at 18 months:

#1's soul brother YUU-CHAN who left us last September, aged 15 months:

You brought so much joy and you will always be loved and missed. Our thoughts also go out to all our friends who have lost loved ones.

Now..... what you have been waiting for! THE RUN!!!!! Well, it's still there burt it's SO MUCH BIGGER than it was!!!


This aerial view perhaps gives a better idea:

The work was done by Mr. R and Mr. C under the supervision of ForeQueen Tama:

The end result has added about 2.3 metres (7ft) in width to the existing run. The "interior decorating" has barely started and #1 will be working on it over the coming days and weeks. But there is already a new hammock in place, which has of course been claimed by Queen Tama!


  1. MOL... I love the way Queen Tama do supervision : )
    and I'm so exciting to see " The RUN Patio " when it finished !

    Soft Purrs for all Furry Angels

  2. Tama-Chan you look like a lady of leisure in your hammick relaxing in the sunshine - which of course is exactly what you are!! What a magnificent run you have now it is so big - we hope the entrsnce fee won't go up to two mice per cat!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Living the life there! Hammock in the sun!!
    Mommy, are you watching this?


  4. Oh the sunning woo will do!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Please pass along some Tommy Khuddles from me to #1 on this special memory weekend - too bad I khan't have Mom choose a puppy fur her ;-)

  5. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful run!

  6. ::bows head::

    Remembering your beautiful angels today.

    ::lifts up head::

    Oh wow!!! That run! I want one!

  7. that's a beautiful run! it looks like a great place for kitties to play!


  8. Wow, the run is HUGE! I bet you guys are all so excited!!!

  9. Oh Queen Tama! You look so imperial but then, that's be cause you are! What a wonderful run your mom and dad are making for all of you. May I come over to play?

  10. I am sure #1 misses those three kitties so very much.
    Your new run is fabulous, just amazing!

  11. Your new run is fantastic! We wish we had dirt and grass like you do! We would LOVE to pee al fresco.

    Purrs to your three beautiful angel kitties; as long as we remember them they are still with us.

  12. The run is awesome and will be even more so when finished. We have a candle lit too and we remember all who have gone before. Hugs GJ x

  13. Purrs for you all!

    And I just LOVE your outdoor run! Especially the hammock! When can I move in!


  14. Wow - yoor run looks fabulous!!!
    We are also sad abowt yoor departed furrends - some of them were so young!
    Oliver and Ruby

  15. Oh yes, there has been lots and lots of wonderful remembering of all our furries who are no longer with us in body but will always be with us in spirit.

    Well, the Queen looks quite proud of herself in that hammock. Congrats on the new and bigger run - just in time for the good weather.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. That was a lovely rememberance of friends gone.

    The new bigger run looks great - a great summer edition!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  17. Gentle, sweet Yuu brought us to your blog when he passed. He gave us the wonderful gift of his family. For that, we will always be greatful. When we come to your blog, mum thinks of him and says his name. Those who are remembered never really die. Mum always says if there is such a thing as an afterlife, she wants to go where the kitties go. We are also remembering all of the kitties that were sent to the bridge because there was no place in this world for them. They are not forgotten.

  18. What a lovely tribute to the ones who came before.

    Your run is AWESOME! You kitties are so lucky to have such a great outdoor space.

  19. The Chans' run is larger than the studio apartment I'm staying in during my visit to Tokyo! And the run also gets more sun. Lucky Chans!

  20. I love your new big run! Has HouBibi gotten out yet? Teddy wants to know about that.

  21. Oh, my! I love your French spa. That would be a great thing to have!


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