Friday, 13 May 2011

Flying Ears Family Friday!

: Hi everyone. We missed you all SO! Here is a huge BOOOOOOOOO to Blogger for what #1 is bluntly calling a "monumental cock-up." Anyway, we are relieved to be back, and to see that Vidock's birthday post is back up, although the comments from yesterday have all disappeared, as have many from Wednesday. Will they return?

In deep frustration, we ended up putting some photos up on FaceBook as our theme for this Friday is "Family Flying Ears." You are all familiar with my ears and here is a photo of me with a Flying Half Flip for you:

As you know, I had a fabulous visit on Tuesday and Wednesday from my sister Sophie and niece Emily, and even I was in awe when I saw their ears. First off was Sophie who, like me, loves playing with the ball, and when she catches it, her ears celebrate!

The real winner, however, is little Emily. She is pocket-sized and the cutest little one ever and her ears are HUGE!!! Here she is, getting ready for take-off:

And in full flight!!!

And to finish off for today, we have a mystery photo. Something strange was spotted on the other side of the big field...

Wishing you all a Blogging weekend!


  1. Hi Tommy! Those are some great Flying Ears Family pictures! We saw Vidock's post was back up so we did comment there (finally after trying for ever!) We don't know if the rest of the comments will be back or not - our mom gets the comments by email to and thought maybe if she hit publish in there it would work but then it said the comment didn't exist - so we aren't sure at this point. We are just happy all our friends posts are coming back and that we can comment again (though we really do want the comments back a lot).

  2. We were having major withdrawal over Blogger. Love all he flying ears!

  3. Hey! It's a YETI!!!

    Thank goodness for flying ears, we feel all better now.

  4. Great flying ear shots! That last one looks like a grouse rousting from it's nest!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. Blogger was a total pain over the past few days!

    The photos are fab but that last photo is just magic!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  6. MOl...Tom, Your flying ears look too funny !
    Great to see you have a great time : )
    Miss you guys too

  7. Yes, we lost a lot of our comments too. We hope you do know that we sent big wishes to Vidock for a very happy birthday. And we commented on how surprised we were to learn that one day he could turn all white - amazing.

    Look at those ears. And yes, we agree - Emily wins the prize for sure.

    What IS that in the field?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. What great pikhs - and so worth waiting fur!

    Woo surely have some great genes of khuteness!

    PeeEssWoo: I think it is a YETI ;-)!

  9. Fabulous Flying Ears clearly run in your family,Tommy. What a great collection of pictures. It looks like you, Sophie and Emily had lots of fun together :)

  10. blogger was really mibehaving lately. our comments went away too and we can't afford to lose them!

    we lovelovelovelove flying ears photos! you kids have the best ears - they are amazingly beautiful in flight. we love it.


  11. OMC! Fabulous flying ears! We love 'em!

  12. Little Emily! Those flying ears! Magnificent! She is truly beyond adorable! Are those earsies as soft and silky as they look?
    You can jump right through the screen and into our arms any time you'd like, sweet girl.
    On our small screen, it looks like flying earsies in the tall grass...or wings!

  13. We think those flying ears belong to Emily - what a family of flying ears you've got Tommy!! We were so upset to lose our comments from Thursday as mum hadn't read all of them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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