Monday, 3 January 2011

Manly Monday!

: It was a frosty morning here, with temperatures barely clearing -6C (about 24F) but it has warmed up a bit now and it is sunny! I enjoyed my morning run in the crunchy fields!

Rather better than the other day when there was a lot of fog, although fog is perhaps manlier?

Here is a very manly indoor shot of me with the smaller of my two Kong barbells:

We got a package in the mail today and we were hoping it might be our Secret Paws but not yet! We were happy, though, because we did finally get our "Paws" Cat Blogosphere calendars!

Bibi-Chan: Yesterday, #1 actually sat down with us and a book for the first time in ages, so I went immediately to sit on her and I was richly rewarded! I got the most divine ear massage!

I just LOVE ear massages! They are by far the manliest activity one can indulge in!!!

Although sitting in a sun puddle is pretty nice too!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

PS: Just a quick reminder that the auction for Brighton is running until January 5th. The site is here.


  1. Very manly of you to be out in the cold Tom. We love nothing better than a cold, crisp morning. And ear rubs are pretty good too Bibi.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  2. You look very handsome and manly out in that very white frost Tommy.
    We can see from your expression Bibi that #1 has hit just the right spot with your ear massages.

  3. Tommy you are certainly looking manly on your crunchy frosty field. Bibi, we get that same look on our faces when we get ear massages!

  4. Hey there Tommy...
    I always enjoy the sporting shots of you. You are quite a stunner.
    We are waiting (anxiously) here in SA for our Kitty Calendar too...I sure hope it gets here.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all.

  5. Oh it does look chilly there! Enjoy those ear rubs Bibi!!!

  6. Such crispy frosty grass!

    Bibi, that is sheer bliss on your face during your ear scritch. mmmmmmmmm.

  7. Ear-massages are divine, Bibi, we fullheartedly agree. And you do look very manly in the fog, Tommy!

  8. We think crunching during a romp sounds quite manly. It sounds like it would make a statement, and feel interesting, too!

    Abby & Ms. C

  9. Ear massage! Sweet!


  10. I dunno, Bibi, us girlkitties enjoy ear massages too.

  11. That ear massage looks so blissful.

  12. Bibi, did you dribble during your massage? That is SUPER manly!
    Tommy, we like you out in the fog, very mysterious!

  13. It's so nice to meet you!!!!!!!! We want to thank you for dropping by our blog to wish our mama a happy have helped make it a very special day for her.

  14. BiBi, I never try that. But from your great expression. Today I'm going to ask premium ears massage by my personal masseur ( daddy ) : )


  15. Of khourse, those are great temps!!!

    Another purry AND furry nice Manly Monday!


  16. Watch your pawsies, dear Tommy. Don't want anything to hurt those fleet feet.
    Bibi ! The look of sheer ecstasy on your face, so adorable! Ear rubs are the best although some of us go mad for neck scritches even more.
    But we enjoy anything as long as we are with our mum. If you don't receive your Secret Paw, we would consider it an honour to step in and be it
    (although it won't be secret). We don't have a bloggie and we really appreciate everyone still letting us be a part of the cat bloging family. Mum still has 2 gifts to send, so adding another,especially to especially to such a dear family, is no trouble at all.

  17. I think bof the eaw massage and the cwunchy fields look like vewy manly activities although, I must confess they do appeal to me too
    Hope youw day continoos in such a lovely manly fashion
    smoochie kisses

  18. Wow, Tom, You really are manly and so lucky to be out crunching around the area! You are a cool dawg.
    Bibi, you look absolutely happy!

    bonkbonk guys happy snappy new year

  19. Tommy you are running around like it warm outside. You must be freezing your tail off. We see the fog monster paid you a visit, scaryyyy.
    Benny & Lily

  20. Hope you wouldn't catch a cold out there tom. It's freezing outside. Stay safe! Warm hugs.

  21. We love to run in the crisp morning air too, but it would be even nicer if we had some snow too. And how we love those ear massages too - and we would never pass up a snooze in a warm sunbeam.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Oh my! An ear massage!

    Tommy...Grete says it was 26 degrees here this morning when we she on her walkie.

  23. -6 degrees?? That is way too cold for me!
    I would not be outside!
    Ear massages are the best, right?
    Have a pawesome week too!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Such manly photos today :D

    Love the ear massage and Tommy in the foggy snow... so romantic :D

  25. You are very brave Tommy going out in the cold and getting your paws all wet! Very manly!

    Ooo! And Bibi Chan! Looks like your #1 is a brilliant head massager!

  26. You can keep that cold weather.

    Hopefully, you will receive your Secret Paws package soon. I think they were a little late sending it. Keeping my paws crossed.

  27. I think being outside in the snow is very manly, Tommy.

  28. That for is super mysterious and manly, Tommy. Beebs, I'm getting dribbly just thinking of how good that ear massage looks!

  29. Pleased to see there is a dog post on here. Thought it was going to be all catz.

    Us dogs need to stick together.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on mine after you had visited Bolo's. I will add you to my list when I can motivate Mistress.

    I see you know my friend JB. Seems I am destined to be frends with pesky catz.

    Mistress loves Tami-Chan's eyes so I guess we will be coming back.

    Pippa (I am a BOY with a girl's name just so you know).

    Oh, and we are quite near. Well sort of. Spain and Gib are not too far from France :D

  30. So cute Tommy!

    Oh..ear massages are the best. :)


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