Monday, 24 January 2011

Manly Monday - Hosted by The Bibi!

I get to host Manly Monday this week because #1 is feeling a little sorry for me. I have the sniffles sand have been sneezing, so I have been getting lots and lots of cuddles. She has been trying to take my temperature for a while but has not yet succeeded (tee hee hee...). She did just order a pet ear thermometre online! She suspects that I do not have a fever. I am eating very well and there is no gunky stuff when I sneeze, just clear spray. I have been getting lots of Lysine, some of it mixed with Yoghurt which I love:

And a German anti-viral homeopathic medicine mixed in with another favourite, soft cheese!

#1 has been making sure I stay in warm and dry places and I helped her on that one:

And I have been hogging the bed!

Last but not least for me... now that our good camera is back, #1 took this close-up portrait of me. She says it really reminds her of my kitten face!

Tom: I don't have a lot of photos for you this week, but I really like this one which #1 took when we went for a great walk in the woods with some new friends (human and woofie) on Friday!

And here I am in my field, waiting for #1 to come through an opening in the hedge so she can throw me my Frisbee!

Now, I have some equine reporting to add to our Manly Monday post today. You know what they say about teenagers, right? So, here is a great show and tell. Firstly, we have a very manly photo of Vidock's dad, Orgueil:

He does look classy and very manly, right? It's expected, I suppose, as he is a bona fide stud, after all. Now, next we have his son, our little brother, Vidock:

As I said, teenagers.......!

One last photo for you today. Here is Titan, who finished his schooling and went back home on Saturday to be reunited with his brother, Blaze. Before he left, he enjoyed one last ride in front of the chateau:

Have a great Monday and a great week, everyone!


  1. Beebs, that is such a lovely portrait! What a handsome boy you are. We love the picture of Titan infront of the chateau (?). It is rather magical :)

  2. Bibi, we hope your sniffles evaporate fast. You look good and healthy in all the pictures. And I agree with Forever Foster: that picture of the castle and Titan looks like a fairy tale scene.

  3. Feel better soon Bibi! We like how you spread yourself out to take up more space on the bed. That Vidock! Ambrose does the same thing with his tongue.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. We hope you get over your sniffles and sneezes quickly, Bibi. We like all the manly photos, but the one of Vidock is our favorite! Happy Monday.

  5. What great and furry manly pikhs!

    Of khourse, Vidock's made us grin!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  6. What a beautiful chateau - we could have a marvellous game of hide and seek or find the lost toys in there!!
    Sorry to here that Bibi has got a dose of the sniffles and hope he is better soon. We love his close up picture and also the one of him on the bed - his ears are really pricked up and he's listening hard.
    btw the word verification today is NOMEN - which made us laugh as the title today is Manly Monday!!

  7. I especially like the ones of you hugging the bed, and Vidock. He's cute!

  8. Bed hogging is an important part of the recovery process and should not be hindered in any way.

  9. oh Bibi - you are just so cute and the mom is going SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. Cuteness overload on the close up front! But I'm too excited to comment - we got your parcel!! Äiti will put some pictures up on the blog in the next few days because we love the toys and want Äiti to open the treats. And she thanks you for her treats too, teehehehe. However we haven't actually got into the hammock yet - mainly because it's nearly tea time and we do not have any energy to do anything because we are so starved. But it was a really lovely parcel so thank you so very much for the extras!

  11. The chateau is lovely! As is everyone, of course. I hope you feel better!

  12. Bibi we hope you get better quickly but don't let on...milk it for all you can!

    We are amazed...we Cats never knew a horsie could go "pbbbbtht"!

    We learn something new every day.

  13. Binga gets sneezy about once every year or so - she was sick when she came home from the shelter and has the weakest immune system out of us all - but it never seems to affect her appetite! That's how we know she just has a cold and does not need to go to the vet. I hope Bibi clears up and gets well soon!

  14. The chateau is beatiful. The pic are great (as always). And Bibi - you take care. We've had to pass out the lysine on occasion here, too. Never thought of mixing it in yogurt - that's double good for you.

  15. The close up is just lovely. Sorry you atrenot feeling tip top little one . Do take care. Love all the pictures todaay.. Hugs GJ xx

  16. Take care Bibi, we hope you stop sneezing soon! Love the picture of Vidock with his tongue out :-)

  17. Hope you have a great Monday as well. Loved all the photos. :)

  18. Bibi - we hope your sniffles go away. We have been reading about a few pups that have bad colds or viruses. We don't need any of the kitties to be sick. That is just a phenomenally beautiful closeup shot of you there.

    Tommy, Vidock and the other horses made a great contribution to today's manliness:_

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Yeah, teenagers! Sticking out his tongue.

  20. Bibi,Lewis has the liquid sneezes too.We never thought to give him yogourt.We'll try that tomorrow!
    Vidock's father Vanity (funny) is beautiful.Breathtaking really.You have a great future ahead of you Vidock if you inherit those genes!
    The critters in The Cottage

  21. Bibi, we hope you are feeling good...looks like #1 is making sure that you do.

    And we love Vidock giving a raspberry!!

  22. Oh we just love Vidock more and more all the time. We had no idea he has such a great sense of humor!

    We love the close up of your precious face Bibi!

  23. The sneezie sniffles seem to be going around. One of us had them and our vet thought maybe allergies. Another brother's asthma has been acting up and he us using his rescue inhaler again. We are glad that you are still eating. We never go off our feed unless we are really sick either. Your mum is so lovely to give you yummy food and extra care. Feeling extra loved is always a good medicine. Wouldn't Vidock's photo make an adorable greeting card ! His dad and Titan are so beautiful. Is Blaze feeling better? is it something that will resolve quickly now or take more time? Love.


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