Monday, 21 June 2010

Manly Monday

After days and days of rain and grey skies, we are getting a bit of sunshine today, although it's still only 14C outside, quite unacceptable for June 20th!

I would like to start off today with a group photo of the three of us Poupountte guys:

Did you ever see a manlier (sweeter?) sight?!

I did have some pretty manly adventures yesterday. Remember my buddy Nappel who lives in the Pyrenees? He was up this way again and we went for a walk in the woods yesterday.

Once again, I had great fun wading in the water on the lakeside:

But the best moment was my capture and bringing home of a truly man-sized stick!

#1 keeps saying that I look bit wild-eyed in that photo. No idea what she's talking about...

And for my last photo for today, I give you this: manly dog with garlands in his hair!

A perfect look for midsummer, I say!

Yuu-Chan: I do envy Tommy all his outdoor adventures. #1 keeps telling me that she is sure I would be good outside, just like Sen-Chan was, but that she can't let me roam around whilst the others are confined to the run. It would not be fair. Sigh...

So I hang out in the run with the others, looking manly:

or sit at the study window with one of my siblings, admiring the birdlife:

or simply enjoying the lovely greenery around me:

Bibi-Chan: #1 has taken to calling me her "Little Pixie" and I suspect this is not very manly at all. Plus I have absolutely no idea why she does it...

Anyway, I have decided to take up a new sport, created by me. It's called "Tommy-Surfing."

Pretty cool, don't you think? It's a great way to spend the time when I'm not helping #1 with her work.


  1. Tommy, you live life with such gusto!

  2. You are most confident in your manliness to show your cuddle side as well as that spiffy garland.


  3. Tommy you should have been at Stonehenge today for the sunrise with your garlands in your hair.
    We are pleased it has turned sunny and warm perhaps summer is finally
    Lovely photos of your feline brothers and sisters Tommy.
    We hope you didn't hit #1 across the shins with your man sized stick.
    the word verification is nomanli which certainly doesn't apply to you Tommy!!

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. Poor Yuu-chan, but fair is fair. Tommy, your garland is quite appropriate for today's post. And darling Bibi, you are a wonderful piixie!

  5. Awesome pictures, as always! We love hearing about your gang. Mummy dreams of having a truly loyal woofie like Tommy. Oh she loves going for walks with a furriend!
    She tells us that we are HOPEless on a lead. She ends up carrying us, and even then we make a FUSS!

    Tommy surfing looks like fun, and we are impressed that he doesn't mind!

    Yuji would LOVE to be called Yuu-chan! Our 'Yuu' is for brave!

    Lots of purrs!
    Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla AND Yuji!

  6. Manly pics!
    It was sunny too today, after couple of rainy days. Wish the temperature was as cool as where you's about 29 degrees celcius here..!


  7. Tommy, you sure live life to the fullest!

  8. Is there anything lovelier than an abby in the sun?

  9. this is the manliest monday i have seed in a VERREH long time. i can not get over all the manliness! i may swoon!!!

  10. Tommy, I really wishes my cats would sleep with me but I don't think I would like the surfing game at all. U are sweet. I wonders if Nappel is a distant relative ~Fenris

  11. Tommy, you do look a little wild eyed!
    It is good that alll of you have some excitement every day! good fun makes nap time better


  12. Tommy you look like a Greek God with your garland!

    Bibi, we think we know why #1 calls you her little pixie. Don't take it too hard, it's a compliment!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics!

  14. That is a pretty manly Monday Tommy

  15. I just love your smiley gorgeous pictures.. Mum had two spaniels for a lot of years, one Snoopy was so loyal he would have laid down his life for her.. Lovely post.. Hugs GJ xx

  16. I wonder what Tommy thinks of this 'Tommy-surfing' game?

  17. What a great walk you had with your friend Tommy. Bet it was fun. Cute picture of the three of you
    Benny & Ly

  18. Yummy!

    My word is 'cones'

    Great post pikhs!

    Love the look with that pawesome stikhk!

    As fur your temps - oh how we'd love them! We are looking at 30 - 34 this week - with humidity too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - khan I khome surfing too please?

  19. Bibi-Chan - you do make us laugh - you have imp all over that adorable little face of yours. And Yuu-Chan, be patient, one day #1 will let your have your fun out there too.

    Dear Tommy, great displays of your manliness today - we loved your big stick and the garlands in your hair made you like a Roman god.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Whoa! That was one huge stick, Tom! I've found super long sticks, but never one as thick and heavy as the one in your picture. What's it like being a Bibi-Chan's surfboard?

  21. Tommy, we think you are the happiest woofie on earth!

  22. Tommy, you're such a happy-go-lucky puppy. It's so sweet!

  23. So, like in the first pic, there is snuggling on Monday as well as Sunday? Wow, my mom feels like she is missing out.

    Tommy, you are so handsome in your pics.



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