Saturday, 17 April 2010


Can you believe that a whole week has already gone by since my last post? #1 is still driving around in a noisy beat-up loaner but there finally appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel for the big pussycat she normally rides around in. We're crossing all our paws!

The weather has finally turned nice, which is weird given all that volcanic ash stuff. Maybe we're a bit too far south. In fact, last night was one of the starriest #1 has seen in weeks!

I am glad to report that this has been a fairly quiet week and so, my beloved sister, Tama-Chan, and I have been able to share many quiet moments.

There have also been quiet moments with Yuu-Chan:

And I've done my share of supervising little Bibi, just to make sure he doesn't do anything too crazy...

He is my half-brother after all, so it's natural that I should look out for him!

By the way, there are some nice new pictures of Bibi's brothers, GoGo and Fuku, on Uncle U's blog!

Last week, I received some very nice comments following the intimate paw and tail portrait, so I have a new one to share with you this week:

And finally, with our wishes for a good weekend, we are happy to announce that our (fruit) cherry tree is finally beginning to bloom!


  1. We visited the boys at Uncle U's! They are growing up so handsome!

    We love your cherry blossoms. Momma is online shopping for some cherry trees! Pink ones!

  2. Great pictures! The weatehr here in the UK is fantastic as well. It's slightly odd because there are no planes flying about.

  3. That is definitely another cute paw-and-tail shot. The boys are both looking good on their blog. And YAY regarding the progress about the car.

  4. Aw we love your pictures!
    Quiet moments are great!!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  5. Love the tail and paw picture - we are going over to Uncle U's to see the boys. The sun is lovely here today dispite us sitting under all that volcanic ash!!

  6. You are all so sleek and elegant. Mommy wants to nibble those toes...nom nom nom!

    xx Lounge Kats

  7. Lovely photos :-) We hope everything works out with the car. Strange about the volcanic ash cloud, it's supposed to be right above us but the sun has been shining on a clear sky...

  8. The Woman had to squee at your little toes!!!

  9. Love the photos, especially the toes and tail shot. I'll be keeping my paws crossed for the car. I'm so glad there's hope.

    wags, Lola

  10. What PAWesome shots!

    We saw the other CHANS on Friday - great pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing your cherry blossoms too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Great news about the OTHER khat! We'll keep the paws khrossed!

  11. Wow, an entire week? Don't stay away so long next time. :)

  12. Paw, tail, and ear shot - very cute, Sei-chan. And your cherry tree is beautiful, such pretty flowers. We sure hope there is an answer for the cherished car to be repaired.

    Glad you still have clear skies.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. We love your pictures! Enjoy your quiet time today!

  14. We have both a flowering cherry and a fruit cherry. Guess which one is my favorite? I can hardly wait to whap the cherries!

    Love seeing your cute toesies!

  15. Love all the photos. And no, I can't believe that it's been a whole week since you posted, Sei-chan. And Can you believe that Mom hasn't posted any pictures of me recently? Grrr...


  16. Hi Guys - ah, isn't it great that the weather is getting better? Your photos were wonderful and sunny, we loved them. FH esoecially loved the photo of the cherry blossom.

    Thanks also for your wise comments on our last post, FH found them very useful.

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.


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