Sunday, 11 April 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

We would like to thank our friends for all the kind thoughts you have been sending to #1 and the nice things you have been saying about us. We are doing our best to cheer her up, and she is working with some friends on a strategy to save her beloved big pussycat of a car.

So, as part of our work to cheer her up, the boys came up with something new last night. Here, for the first time, is a group snuggle with ALL the boys!

Aren't they cute? Tommy and his "kit-ends"!!!

I have been spending time hanging out with Sei-Chan:

And with Tommy too

My Bibi continues to spend a lot of his time with Tommy:

as well as hanging out with Yuu-Chan:

W don't have a lot of pictures of Yuu-Chan snuggling because he is mostly folded tightly inside #1's arms which makes taking photos a little difficult...

#1 here. Thank you for your interest in the new stallion! The French Percheron Horse Society occasionally imports stallions from the US or Canada, in order to create lighter horses with blacker coats. The latest addition arrived at the end of March and was presented to members yesterday, in the glorious setting of the French National Stud at the Haras du Pin. Please meet Hannah Hill Kemo Sabe, who hails from Pennsylvania, just a 100 miles away from "Khyraland"!!!!


  1. What a spectacular horse and gorgeous location!

    All the snuggle shots are super, as usual, but the one of Tom and his kittends is the bestest!

    One of the horse pictures would be very suitable for an upcoming Photo Hunt theme..........

  2. Hi Guys! To answer your question, Busby and Raymond kindly directed me to the main website for PhotoHunt which is

    The next couple of weeks' themes are up there on the right sidebar- Covered, Addiction and Black.

    Have fun with it!

    About #1's car - we understand, because my Mom's Dad kept his Mercedes Diesel for almost 30 years. At the end it was only "worth" about $1,000 on paper, but obviously worth so much more.

  3. Look at this stallion! What a sight. He's stunningly beautiful. It's good to hear that your #1 is mobilising her private strengths to save the car. We're sure something can be done!
    Such sweet snuggling.

  4. What a handsome stallion - he looks magnificient.
    We love the picture of Thommy with his kittends and all the other snuggly pictures too.

  5. I love all the snuggle pics with my favorite being the one with Tommy on his back.

    That stallion is beautiful and will make equally beautiful babies.


  6. Happy Snuggles Day!

    Oh how I wish I had my own khat to 'snuggle' with!

    Paws khrossed fur the plan to repair the khytty khome together!

    It was just to Twilight Zone Small World when #1 shared where this handsome fella was from!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I thought I almost saw some Khyra Floof on the handsome new stallion in town!

  7. We are curious about the fabulous horse. Did he travel by boat to Europe or by plane? He is gorgeous!

    Love all your photos too. Is it possible you can send Tommy on a world tour of snuggling? We are big fans!

  8. Sorry about your car. That sounds icky.

    Great snuggling as usual. And we love those giant horsies.


  9. You guys are all so cute as always.

    The stallion is beautiful and close to us, we are from Ohio. :)

  10. What a gorgeous stallion! Love the boys snuggle photo and all the snuggling going on!

  11. The stallion is fabulous!

    Tommy with his kit-ends would cheer anyone up!

  12. Hi Poupounettes! We suddenly realised that FH had lost your blog link from our blog-roll when she revamped our blog - we demanded that she rectify this dreadful oversight immediately!

    We're so sorry to hear about #1's car - we hope it all gets resolved. We've just had a feast on all the posts we've missed - oh, you are all so photogenic! We adore the photos of the kits all snuggling Tommy, makes us feel all warm and waggy!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  13. I bet all the cute snuggling is helpful. While I am in France, perhaps I should come over and add my snuggles as well? -- Oh and the Woman really doesn't read French well enough to read a whole post and get it! She's have to go and translate it!

  14. A couple-three things:
    a) HEAVENS TO MERGATROID! Is your #1 okay? She's not injured, is she?
    2) Oh, for Pete's sake, I'm so sorry about her father's car. Surely such a fine jalopy should have great value and be worth every centime spent to repair it! I shall be crossing all my toes!
    ...and lastly...That Stallion's a fine looking fellow and should add some nice genes to his progeny. Percherons are beautiful horses!

  15. Wowzers - what a beautiful horse!!!! He is stunning!!!

    Nice Sunday snuggles. No snugglers here but three snoozers.

    Woos - Phantom,Thunder, and Ciara

  16. It's good to see Bibi learning to share his Tommy!

  17. We know those snuggle pictures will make #1 feel better...we know they made us feel pretty good!!

  18. What a great snuggle picture
    Benny & Lily

  19. Great pictures. We love snuggles! :)

  20. what a pretty horse! Wow!! very majestic!!

    We are now a 4 cat and one dog household just like you guys!!!

    Woof Velcro and meow Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom and Skye

  21. WOW!!! What a magnificent stallion, all in black.

    The boys cuddle so nicely together and the girls too.

    It makes me wonder what I should have done with Ms Akira and the boys to make her more friendly towards them.

  22. Tommy is really sort of like a kitty dad, isn't he?
    What a beautiful stallion!


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