Monday, 1 March 2010

Manly Monday

Tom: As #1 prepared to help us with this post, she brought up Max's post for today, in which his mum writes about the autumn of his life, as actual autumn looms in South Africa. It made us think about how precious each shared moment is, and how lucky that, for now, we are heading into spring. All of us eventually face autumn and the losses of winter, and perhaps the fact that our hearts resonate with hers will bring a little comfort to Max's mum and the rest of his family.

We have felt the violence of nature closely these past couple of days. There was a huge storm blowing through France. People were killed and there was much damage to houses and nature. We were fortunate and would like to thank those who expressed concern. We also feel fortunate that #1's brother and his family, who live in Chile, came though the earthquake unscathed.

And so to today's post and its mega-dose of manliness! Actually, #1 says that's it should have been Muddy Monday as I look such a mess when I come home these days from my walks. But at least there was no wind and the Frisbee came out!

I'm ready!



With just the occasional interlude to check out other stuff...

It's all part of being manly!

Oh, I almost forgot.... We were invited to dinner on Friday and the inevitable happened. I was chilling (Ha!) infront of the fire

and was assaulted by eager fans!

Yuu-Chan: Personally, I don't need props and stuff... I just need ME!

except when I'm demonstrating my manliness in a wild game of tail chasing...

Psssssssssssssssssst......... It's Bibi-Chan here. Can I join in on Manly Monday? Pleeeaaaaase?

Don't I look manly, standing at the window?

Tora-Chan here! I am hacking into this blog to show you what true manliness is all about! Does anyone else catch prey this big?

or look quite so happy?!


  1. Tommy, I love seeing you all muddy and happy!

  2. Tora-chan is a most fierce hunter. Glad everybody survived the onslaught of mother nature.

    Tommy! You appear to be enjoying your adoring fans there in front of the fire.


  3. Muddy is manly. You boys are excellent examples of manliness! We are glad to hear that you and all your family have been safe during all the scary events. Take care!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. We are glad to hear you are all ok and that #1's family in Chile are fine.

    Mud suits you very well Tommy!

    Bibi-Chan, you are growing into a gorgeous mancat!

  5. It's possible that the internets will collapse under the sheer weight of your manliness, Tommy!:) We are so happy to see Tora-Chan. He is growing up so quickly!

  6. aw, Tora-chan is so cuuuuuute!!! wow you guys have great pictures from the last couple of days. i am especially enjoying all the mancat manliness.

  7. That was a very manly Monday. I am glad all of you are safe. We did hear about that storm!

  8. We are so glad the storms haven't cause any problems at your house. It has been a horrible Winter in Europe.

    Tommy, we love the photos of you with your adoring fans. You certainly are a Manly fellow! xoxo

  9. We're so glad to know you and your family are okay after all the earthly turmoil has taken it's toll. Such joy to see Tommy living in the moment...of FRISBEE!!!!What more is there, huh? Cats of course!
    BiBi and Tora are growing into such handsome mancats!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. Tommy, you are so cute and fun loving, great pics!
    And great kitty pics too of course.
    The weather and world catastrophes are terrible lately. Glad you are all safe from the storms in France.

  11. I am grateful to hear that at least you and your family are safe. I thought this was a very manly post. All this testosterone!

  12. Nice to see Bibi and Tora hijacking Manly Monday! :)

  13. That is the manliest Manly Monday post ever!

  14. What an inkhredibly great post!

    None of us khan beat the seasons no matter how we try - all part of the cykhle of life -

    We are glad all of woo and yours are safe!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Great work Tommy!

  15. Love Tora with the bottle! Glad to hear you furry folk are safe from the frozen storm and that all at Vina-del-Mar are OK. What a miserable weekend for France and Chile. Not surprised to learn Bibi is staying! I bet number one wanted to keep them all, for the sake of sheer cuteness! Love from "Dogless Daphne" - or is it the "Catless QC"?? PS Go Canada in the Olympics - record haul of gold medals, any country, any Olympics, ever!

  16. That's a whole lot of manliness here today:) Great pics from all.

    We are glad to hear that you were OK with all those storms. We thought about you when we heard the news on TV. So much bad weather and events all over the world.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. We were thinking of you last night as we watched the news. Glad you are safe and also your family in Chile.

    Loved all your manly photos Tommy!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  18. This has to be one of the manliest Manly Monday posts we have ever seen!

  19. Happy Monday to the ManDoc and ManCats!

  20. Happy Manly Monday to all of you!


  21. You guys are such excellent men, but Tora made our mummy SQUEEEE so loud!

  22. Your post starts with well put, beautiful words. We too are relieved that #1's family is okay (we checked where Viña del Mar is situated when we heard about the earthquake and hoped for the best).
    Tora-Chan, that is one mighty prey! You are a fine example of manliness as you combine fierceness with gentleness. Yuu-Yuu, Chilli wants you to know that she loves to chase her tail too.
    Bibi-Chan, is that you? You look so grown up!
    Aww, and Tommy-boy, that belly-upper looks wonderful. No wonder you have so many fans.
    Many purrs, Siena

  23. Oh, those muggings are so tough when all of the fans just want to scratch your belly. What are you to do but let them do it - sigh.

  24. I love your blog, I found it when I was visiting Remington's blog.
    I'd love to be friends with you.
    Love, Bella.

    PS my parents were born in Grenoble, which part of France, do you live in ?


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