Monday, 9 November 2009

Manly Monday with Tommy and Yuu!

Tom: It's Manly Monday and the heavens are smiling down on us! We woke up to glorious sunshine. I got totally and completely wet on my morning romp in the field

and so needed to be thoroughly towel-dried!

I have been indulging in lots of manly activities since #1 got back. On Saturday, we went to a foal fair in a nearby village. My 'Pei friend ViVi was there too!

There was I, enjoying the mud, when I suddenly did a double-take!

No, that is NOT me! It was in fact a French Spaniel (Epagneul Français)! And I must say, compared to my perfect English Springer manners, he was a bit in my face...

Yuu-Chan: Guess what? I am FIVE MONTHS OLD today! #1 says I am growing so fast that she sometimes has trouble telling me apart from Sei-Chan (when she gets close enough, the volume of the purr immediately alerts her to me!).

Here is my official 5-month portrait:

I don't know whether you can see it properly, but I have little feathers at the tips of my ears! #1 says it's very cute, and of course very mancatly!


  1. We're so happy you got some sunshine today (we sent you some of ours since we had so much of it all weekend!)!

    Yuu-Chan, you get cuter and cuter!!

  2. I can see that you were quite taken aback by the behavior of that French Spaniel. Of course you are a perfect gentleman Tom! Glad you and your #1 are getting out and enjoying the fall weather. Your little brother is such a cutie.

    Your friend,

  3. Yuu-Chan, you are becoming a big strong mancat before our very eyes! What a lovely portrait of you. Tommy, we are envious of your romps in the field. They look like such fun:)

  4. You're looking great, guys! And you're turning into a real nice mancat. Oh - and what a cute Pei friend. Mom likes the wrinkly ones.. hehe..


  5. Lovely manly stuff from both Tommy and Yuu. Romps and getting wet are fun for spaniels. And Yuu, those ears are the best!

  6. Oh Tommy! I'm off to grab Grete to show her that even you have to deal with the towel's not just something mom and dad invented. All good woofies have to put up with it.

    Thank you!

  7. Tommy, you are so polite! You could teach that French Spaniel a few good tricks.

    Happy 5-month birthday, Yuu! You are growing into quite a handsome mini-mancat!

  8. What a furry nice manly kind of day!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  9. Tommy, you are so manly, and your friends look nice.
    Yuu takes great portraits!

  10. That's a perfect example of the passionate French compared to the reserved English, Tommy!

    As for Yuu-Chan, I caught Mummy trying to pet the screen when she saw that photo of him. How does #1 function with so much adoreableness around her?

  11. Tommy, you look very mannerly compared to the French Spaniel. Our mom approves.

    Yuu-chan! You're getting so big and manly. Chani is quite impressed.

    9 and Chani

  12. Wow Tommy Epagneul Français looks like your twin.

    Yuu-Chan, Happy 5 month birthday. ~S,S,C & F

  13. Were overwhelmed by the manlyness at your place. Tom, we can't really tell the difference between your breed and the French Spaniel, we understand that he made you jump. Your manners are impeccable!
    Happy five months, Yuu-Chan! The portrait is gorgeous. We notice the feathers right away and love them. Very linx-like!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  14. Tom, we are so glad to see you had a wonderful weekend. That French Spaniel had quite the nerve! Maybe he should have stayed at home!

    Happy 5 months Yuu-Chan! You are growing up to be a fine mancat!

  15. Great 5 month portrait! Poor Tommy getting towel dried.

  16. I feel I must comment about some of the comments and say that I LOVE TO BE TOWEL-DRIED!!!!! It's one of my all-time favourite things!


  17. #1, let me know if you would like that original of Tama-chan that I did in marker! I have a sketch that kind of reminds me of Yuu-chan and I have an idea for Tama-chan and Misha... Sei-chan, you will not be left out, I promise!

  18. Happy five month purrthday Yuu! Mum says she wants pictures of foals!

  19. U look very handsome, Sei-chan. :)

  20. Tommy, that looks like your doppleganger!! (I may have misspelled that...) Yu-Chan, a very manly portrait of you!

  21. Tommy, you have perfect manners. Plus, you're pretty good-lookin', too. Yuu-chan, I think you're so cute, you probably get away with all kinds of mischief, don't you?

  22. Wet or not, you are so handsome, Tommy. And little Yuu-Chan, we love the feathers on your ears - so manly!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  23. Tommy! You are super cool maintaining your manly dignity with that French dog spewing disrespect in your face.

    Wet and muddy is most manly for sure.


  24. Great manly action shots, Tommy! That French Spaniel looks like he could be your brother even though he's a completely different breed. #1 must have been proud of how polite you were when greeting him. I'm turned off by excitable and rude dogs too.


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