Monday, 14 September 2009

Manly Monday - Tommy's Excellent Adventure!

Tom: Do I have an adventure to tell you about today! Yesterday was probably one of the most fun days of my life! We got going earlier than usual for a Sunday morning and, after attending to the girly girls, #1 and I climbed into the car and took off in a north-westerly direction. It was a pretty long drive, almost 3 hours, and we ended up in an old cottage surrounded by a nice garden. Friends of #1's from Pender Island, BC (that's in Canada...) were renting the cottage and had invited us to lunch. But we first got in a game of Frisbee. I was very even-pawed and made sure I deposited my Frisbee in front of each of them in turn after each catch.

After lunch, we all got back in the car and this time, went for a short drive to a place that smelled intriguing. There was a big wall along the road, but once we got out of the car and went around it, this is what we saw!

#1 says it's called The Sea. I think it is the most amazing playground EVER! Once we got onto the beach, #1 took off my lead and off I went exploring!

Now, let me see... where to first?

This water definitely tastes a bit strange...

and it moves a lot!

I loved getting wet!

... and wetter!

and some of the rocks provided pretty good camouflage!

But of course, one of the very best things about it all was sharing the fun with #1!

And no, it was not cold. Just pretty windy. Apparently, the right word is "exhilarating!"


  1. How exciting for you, Tommy! We take it for granted that we live by the sea, in fact, Mummy took the neighbour's dog down to the beach just yesterday.

  2. An wonderful expérience. Did you bring plenty of sand in the car?

    ViVi & AB

  3. That looks like lots of fun! I love the beach and Mom loves the sea!


  4. What a great day Tom!!! Those waves looked like a lot of fun! Was that a cave? Did you go investigating?

    The Sumac felines

  5. Wow, wow, WOW! Tommy, we are as excited as you are. This "sea" looks very, very, very interesting! And what a nice shot with #1!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  6. The sea looks like a wonderful place to visit. Even though we live close to the Gulf of Mexico we have never seen it. They do not allow cats and dogs on the beach here. ~S,S,C & F

  7. What a wonderful day this must have been...:)

  8. Great pictures. Looks like you had an exhilarating time!

  9. Oh Tommy! What a wonderful experience for you! It looks like it must have been full of the most wonderful smells and sights and sensations!

    Say hi to Tam and Ginge from us!:)

  10. That looks like an absolute blast Tommy! Did you find some nice smelly stuff to roll in?

  11. What a great adventure for you, Tommy - the sea looks like a fun place to be.

    Woos,the OP Pack

  12. Wow, that is a great adventure! You look like you had a lot of fun with #1. Water looks fun, but it is not for me, especially if it was moving.

  13. Meowee! What a great time running on the beach.

  14. That looks like it was a great time! How fun and what a great experience to see the Sea!

    I'm not sure that we would do well outside in the wet, so we'll just live vicariously through you, Tommy :)

    9 and Chani

  15. Woo were furry furry khorrekht when woo pawed woo had a great time!

    That looks to be sooooo much fun!

    Of khourse, I would have my leash on - otherwise Mom would nevFUR get me bakhk!

    Tank woo fur sharing the pawesome time with #1 and US!


  16. How awesome, Tommy! That beach is gorgeous! What a tall wall, too!

  17. That really is an excellent adventure! My woofie friend ZuZu LOVES the Ocean, the humans used to take her to the beach on their yearly vacation and she loved jumping the waves.


  18. What an exciting adventure! You look like you had the most wonderful time. That is a beautiful place.

  19. Tommy, you got to go to the beach!! Sounds like you had a great day and maybe now that #1 knows how much you enjoyed it - you'll get back again soon!

  20. Oh Tommy...what a wonderful day!!! A day spent meeting friends and playing at the beach with #1!! I'm so glad you got to go to the beach..wasn't it fun??? I love racing around on the sand!!! I don't like water-did you like the moving water??? Sometimes it's scary...but when it's hot-it feels so good!!

    What a wonderful day!!



  21. ご家族でTomくんと
    私も嬉しくなりました ♪



  22. Wow it looks like you had such a fun time!


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