Monday, 3 August 2009

We Have Visitors!

Tom: There is never a dull moment around here! #1 has barely been home a few days, and is totally jet-lagged, and...... But first! Don't you want to see a photo of me and Sei-Chan? Yesterday was Tama-Chan's big day but I bet you missed us! Here we are, doing what we do best, just this morning:

So..... back to the other stuff. We have visitors! Uncle U has gone away for a few days and we are looking after her 'PEIness, ViVi, as well as four very boisterous kittens and their mummy.

I guess that "boisterous" is probably not the word best suited to ViVi:

The kittens are about six weeks old and eager to get in to and on to everything. There are three little redheads (two boys and a girl) and one ruddy boy. They are living in the back room since they are too young to have had their shots yet, and so should not be in contact with the rest of us. #1 says they are absolutely gorgeous and hilarious.

They will be here until Thursday evening and we just have a feeling that #1 is going to be "napping" in the back room quite a bit between now and then...


  1. OH MY!

    Tank dog woo were in the post!

    I had missed woo...

    Tank woo fur sharing your visitors...the last pikh is just too tasty and khute!


  2. Hi Tommy, thanks for posting the picture of yourself and the cuddly Sei-Chan, we certainly did miss both of you. Now who are those cutie kittens that are in the back room? Did Vina del Mar already have another batch of kittens??? so these are Sei-Chan's half brothers and sisters? They sure look like cute little bundles of mischief.

  3. In answer to Quiltcat: This is a different bunch of kittens and are in fact unrelated to us!

  4. Kitteny-kyootness! That should help #1 with her jet-lag for sure!

  5. Such cuteness! The potential Frootbattage is amazing :)

    Thanks for your support, #1. I appreciate it.

    Oh, and here's a suggestion for a meeting place of bloggers: Hawaii?

    9 and Chani

  6. Oh I missed Tama-Chan birtday so Happy Belated Birthday! Tommy, you and Sei-Chan look so cute together, and those kittens are adorable!

  7. Talk about a cute overload! I suspect you may not see much of #1 for a few days, but I'm sure you'll hear her squeeing!

  8. they are so cute - too bad you cant play with them

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  9. Such sweet, sweet visitors! Poor #1, jet-lag is no fun, but we hope she feels "in time" soon.

  10. wow! Lots of visitors!! How fun! Sorry you don't get to play with the kitties.....maybe when they get older they can come and play again!!

    velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  11. thanks for posting the photo of yourself, Tom. you are one handsome dude and we need to gaze upon your handsomeness every day.

    those kitties are soooo cute!!!! it's just not fair that they have to be locked away where you can't play with them.


  12. Hi Tommy - good to see you there napping with the little one. Did you give a sleeping pill to the Pei - very handsome pup.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  13. The naps sound like a good plan!

  14. Tommy, it's good to see you and Sei-Chan! How nice of you to share the blog with your visitors! They are adorable!

  15. Oh wow! Talk about a cute rush! The babies are beautiful. And we have missed the Tommy cuddle pics:)


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