Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thankful Thursday

Tom: Today, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our friends Sylvie, Louie, Fuzzy and Gingy and their mom, Paula, at Quiltcat for the fabulous box of goodies that arrived from them, all the way across the ocean. Tama-Chan was very busy with one of her feathers but I was there to receive the box and supervise the opening:

That great fish that you see is mine, and I also got some "Yummy Chummies" Alaska Salmon treats. There was also a Boogie Mat, which is GREAT because we will now have enough for our new little sister too.

Tama-Chan also got a Zoom Groom which she has already tried and loves:

and she got some All Natural temptations in Wild Alaskan Salmon Flavour!

There was a beautiful card handmade by Paula, the Quiltcat Mom,

and a lovely magnet for #1 who, it so happens, loves having LOTS of magnets on her fridge (the fox one on the top left)!

Thank you for spoiling us!

PS from #1: Come to think of it, that would have made a really great April Fool's joke but it wasn't one! We do have a little girl in the back room, and Tommy and Tama-Chan are all set for a new little sister very soon!

PPS: In response to popular demand, here is an addendum to the post:

The little Miss at play this morning!


  1. What a kind surprise for you! Tama-Chan, we have a blue Zoom Groom and love it a lot. If it was a pretty purple like yours, I (Suey) would love it even more!:)

    We are so looking forward to hearing your new little Miss's name:)

  2. Yummy Chummies!

    Woo are furry lukhky to have gotten such khool stuff!

    We khan't wait to hear about the sweetie from The Bakhk Room making her grand entrance into society!


  3. The Zoom Groom seems to be really nice. The human pet picked one up for the incoming puppy. I wonder if we could all use it regardless.

    I really like the card as well. The Quilt Lady is clearly talented. That's very special indeed!

  4. What cool surprises!

    No pictures of "Little Miss" today?! NOOOO FAIR!! :)

  5. Love those salmon treats! Enjoy them and your fish stuffie. Can't wait to see your new little sister take over the place.

    Your friend,

  6. Gordy and Georgie2 April 2009 at 16:53

    Oh I thought for sure it was a joke! Tommy is going to have his paws full keeping track of Tama-Chan and Little Miss!

  7. Hi Guys, i'm glad your goodies arrived. Pretty funny that there was a fish in the box for "poisson d'avril"! Actually, finding out that "Sir" is actually "Miss" is a sort of April Fool's joke. Love the cute little picture of her, and eagerly await learning her name.

  8. Wowie, you got some very wonderful loot!

  9. Oh the ZOOM GROOM is the best thing EVER. I will do anything to be brushed....anything. What great stuff!

    We didn't think you were tricking us but Meowmy is so gullable she is always on guard on April Fool's.


  10. Little Miss is certainly in kitty heaven!

    Tommy—please savor your salmon. It has wonderful Omega-3 oils to make your coat lustrous. The stuffy looks like fun....keep it away from your fishing cats!

    Your pal,

    PS: I will be of good cheer and promise to pose prettily for the remainder of the spring!

  11. wow! you kiddos got a treat package too! isn't that the most fun to get a package full of good stuff?! we have one of those fish toys just like that and we abuse it a lot. we leave it outside in the rain because it's a fish and all, it should like the rain, right?

    congrats on all of your stuff.

    and now Sir is a Miss. oh geesh. what a silly kitty.


  12. Salmon is ok, but I like TUNA the best. I can't say why. I have long hair on my back, but if Ms. C brushes anywhere else, I get aggravated. Styggie says something about "adolescence" but I don't know or care what it means. Just give me tuna!

    You are all CUTE!

    Abby Normal

  13. Hi Tom and Tama-chan, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it!

    How exciting that you have a new little sister!!! Wow I remember when Blossom came into the house-she's a wild one too!!

    I hope you're having a wonderful thursday. My mom is working but I'll be going to the park with my petsitter soon-a nice barkday treat!!



  14. You guys scored lots of loot! What a great surprise! We can't wait til little Miss announces her name.

  15. Tom
    It's gweat to see you! I love all the tweats and toys you and Tama Chan got..those tweats sound awfully good. Hope you enjoyed evewyl last bite
    smoochie kisses

  16. We got a similiar package from mom Paula! Oh, she shouldn't have!!! Even Siena likes the Zoom Groom. We are going to post about it tomorrow.

  17. Yay! We see there is now a photo of Little Miss! All is right wif the wurld!

  18. ohmygosh, Sir is a Miss? She pulled the ultimate April Fools on you! hahaha!

    You got a really wonderful surprise box of gifts. Quiltcat really is a thoughtful friend to you all!

    Wow, you have the same color Zoom Groom as us! We just love it. Mom will only use it when we are outside because it really gets lots of furs from "down under" our coats. And they float! Yup, we haz floating furs!

  19. Great pressies you have there - congrats. We have a pink zoom groom here and Dakota really likes it a lot because she is too sore for a regular brush.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  20. That's a wonderful box of goodies that Qiltcat sent you. What a great surprise!

  21. Ut oh Tom... a house full of girls sounds just a little bit daunting to me!
    But I knows you is a big manly man and will look after them all so very well :)
    I has a zoom groom and momma must use it wrong a cause Mushka and I hate it hehe

  22. Wow, what a great surprise! The Zoom Groom is wonderful and so are Boogie Mats. We're looking forward to the naming of little Miss.


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